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Wireshark Fundamentals – وایرشارک (Wireshark) یک تحلیل کننده نرم‌افزار آزاد و متن‌باز است و برای عیب یابی شبکه، تجزیه و تحلیل نرم‌افزارها و توسعه پروتکل‌های ارتباطی و آموزش استفاده می‌شود. نام اصلی برنامه Etherial بود و سال ۲۰۰۶ به دلیل مسائل مربوط به علامت تجاری پروژه به Wireshark تغییر نام داد. وایرشارک چندسکویی است و با استفاده از ابزار ویجت جی‌تی‌کی+ واسط کاربر را پیاده‌سازی کرده است و بسته‌های شبکه را با استفاده از pcap دریافت می‌کند. وایرشارک روی انواع سیستم‌عاملهای شبه یونیکس شامل لینوکس، اواس ده، بی‌اس‌دی، سولاریس و مایکروسافت ویندوز اجرا می‌شود.

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Wireshark Fundamentals LiveLessons

Copyright 2017
Edition: 1st
ISBN-10: 0-13-476751-9
ISBN-13: 978-0-13-476751-2

Nearly 5 Hours of Expert Video Instruction

The Wireshark Fundamentals LiveLessons video training course offers nearly 5 hours of expert instruction on using the free, open source Wireshark to troubleshoot Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks, and the protocols they transport. Presented by instructors who’ve helped thousands of professionals master advanced networking, Wireshark Fundamentals LiveLessons illuminates all the techniques you need to solve real network problems with Wireshark. Its 10 well-organized lessons and 44 concise sublessons teach through real examples, easy-to-follow animations, and detailed audio explanations. Experienced network engineers James Garringer and Jerome Henry demystify Wireshark’s complex options and command-line scripting language. They guide you step-by-step through troubleshooting common media and protocols, revealing hidden “gems” that help make Wireshark amazingly powerful and efficient.

No matter what kind of network you’re responsible for, Wireshark Fundamentals LiveLessons will help you improve its reliability, performance, and security.

Understanding Wireshark versions, flavors, and hardware support
Installing and customizing Wireshark
Building highly-efficient profiles for specific troubleshooting tasks
Performing Layer 2 or Layer 3 captures
Exploring standard network exchanges (DNS, DHCP, ICMP, FTP, HTTP, and more)
Capturing and visualizing encrypted traffic
Personalizing the Wireshark interface
Using filters and advanced filtering to focus on the data you really need
Identifying trends with Wireshark’s advanced analysis tools
Using Wireshark’s powerful command-line options
Exporting Wireshark captures to other tools

Learn How To

Compare and select the right version of Wireshark for your needs
Install and configure Wireshark and its adapters
Create, save, work with, and troubleshoot captures
Capture at different points of your network
Personalize Wireshark’s interface with profiles
Improve precision and efficiency with basic and advanced filters
Use statistics, include IO graphs, flows, streams, and hierarchies
Quickly spot anomalies and understand expert error information
Work from the command line interface with Tshark and Editcap
Complement and extend Wireshark with other tools
Share your findings

Who Should Take This Course

For all network engineers and other network professionals at all levels who need to troubleshoot networks, especially those responsible for wireless networks.

Course Requirements

Requires a basic understanding of networking technology.

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