Veeam One 9.5 Update3 (

Veeam ONE یکی دیگر از محصولات بی نظیر شرکت Veeam است که جهت مانیتورینگ کلیه رخدادها و صحت عملکرد و توان ورودی و خروجی ماشین های مجازی در دیتاسنترها مورد استفاده قرار میگیرد. طبق ادعای این شرکت محافظت از چهار میلیون VM را این نرم افزار به عهده دارد. با این نرم افزار با خیال راحت میتوانید تمامی VMی خود را چه Vmware و Hyper-V بررسی کنید و از صحت عملکردشان مطلع باشید. به علاوه اگر از Veeam Backup & Replication استفاده میکنید می توانید از صحت عملکرد Backup هم نیز مطلع باشید.


برخی از قابلیت‌های کلیدی این نرم افزار شامل موارد زیر می‌شود:

  1. گزارش گیری از تمامی فعالیت‌ها و پارامترهای عملیاتی ماشین‌های مجازی و هایپروایزرها
  2. کنترل تمامی منابع اختصاص یافته به ماشین‌های مجازی
  3. برنامه ریزی و تخصیص بهینه منابع با استفاده از قابلیت Capacity Planner
  4. اطلاع رسانی مسائل زیرساخت مجازی با استفاده از سیستم هشدار
  5. مستندسازی وضعیت سیستم‌ها و مدیریت گزارش ها
  6. قابلیت یکپارچه شدن با ابزار تهیه پشتیبان شرکت Veeam جهت کنترل و نظارت بر فرآیند تهیه نسخه های پشتیبان
  7. گزارش گیری خودکار از وضعیت سیستمsmile icon

نحوه کرک:

Veeam ONE v9.5
1. Install application in free mode
2. Make sure that no Veeam services are running in the background
3. Copy “VeeamLicense.dll” to “%CommonProgramFiles%Veeam” overwriting the original
4. Copy “VeeamDCS.exe” to the “Veeam ONE Monitor Server” folder overwriting the original
e.g. “%ProgramFiles%VeeamVeeam ONEVeeam ONE Monitor Server”
5. Reboot and/or restart the Veeam services
6. Open Veeam ONE Monitor, goto Help -> License Information… -> Install License…
7. Select tbe_veeam_one.lic

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نرم افزار Veeam One 9.5

دانلودحجم : 756 مگابایت
دانلود – Update3

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MD5 checksum for 6C4D70248B2983BC4E9523B7878A87EC

Release Notes for Veeam ONE v9.5 Update3 (

PDF Release Notes

Products: Veeam ONE
Year / Release Date: 2017
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: English
Please confirm you are running Veeam ONE 9 prior to installing this update. You can check this under Help | About in Veeam ONE Monitor Client, the build number should be After upgrading, your version build will be This update should be applied to the Veeam ONE server, as well as remote systems with the Veeam ONE Monitor Client. Before you apply the update, make sure you have a full backup of Veeam ONE database.

Veeam One 9.5 + Crack Update3

Veeam ONE® is a powerful monitoring, reporting and capacity planning tool for the Veeam backup infrastructure, VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V. It helps enable Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™ by providing complete visibility of the IT environment to help detect issues before operational impact. The following is a list of over 100 new features and functionalities introduced with Veeam ONE v9 that are designed to help users better maintain a high Availability data center.

Supported environments:

VMware infrastructure platforms:

VMware vSphere 4.1, 5.x and 6.x; and free ESXi;
vCloud Director 5.1, 5.5,
vCenter Server 4.1, 5.x, 6.x.

Only the English version of VMware infrastructure is supported.

Maintaining consistent Availability

veeam_one_600[1]How can you ensure RTPO™ of < 15 minutes if you are unaware that your storage will run out of space in two days, or five VMs can’t be backed up due to configuration issues?

Complete visibility into both virtual and backup infrastructures is essential for delivering Availability for all applications and data. Veeam ONE provides deep, intelligent monitoring and reporting for vSphere, Hyper-V and Veeam environments, delivering your ‘morning coffee’ dashboard and intelligence reports needed to maintain modern data center Availability.

24×7 real-time monitoring and alerting: Notifies you with alarms of backup and VM performance issues to avoid downtime and meet SLAs.
Resource optimization and configuration tracking: Veeam helps you evaluate the performance of your infrastructure and ensures your existing configuration meets all known virtualization platform and backup best practices.
Capacity planning and forecasting: Forecast resource usage and utilization trends with “what if” modeling and resource overcommit tracking for your backup and virtual infrastructures.

Advanced dashboards, reporting and capacity planning

Veeam ONE’s technology is based on advanced analysis, industry best practices and years of experience. Dashboards offer at-a-glance health assessments of your backup and virtual infrastructures in one all-inclusive solution designed to provide complete visibility of your performance with one-click, including drill-down access to granular details, when needed. And, with no limits on the number of Veeam Backup & Replication™ servers, hosts, vCenter Servers, SCVMM servers and Hyper-V Failover Clusters that can be monitored and reported on, users can easily experience the benefits of Veeam ONE for their entire environment.

24×7 real-time monitoring and alerting
200+ pre-set alarms
100+ predefined reports
Infrastructure Assessment tools for backup
Veeam Backup & Replication v9 reportsNEW
Veeam Cloud Connect monitoring and reporting capabilitiesENHANCED
Health and performance dashboardsENHANCED
Performance and configuration assessment for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-VNEW
Advanced capacity planning with “what if” analysis and resource reservationsENHANCED
Configuration tracking for both virtual and backup infrastructuresENHANCED
Fully-customizable reporting and documentation

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