SharePoint 2016 User's Guide: Learning Microsoft's Business Collaboration Platform, 5th Edition

SharePoint Server نرم افزاری قدرتمند برای ذخیره، نگهداری و انتشار اطلاعات و اسناد در محیط شبکه (اشتراک اطلاعات و منابع سازمانی) که استفاده از آن در حال حاضر در بین سازمانهای دولتی بسیار مورد توجه قرار گرفته و بسیار پر مخاطب است و در همین راستا بسیاری از افراد خواهان فراگیری این تکنولوژی جدید و کارآمد هستند، SharePoint همچنین میتواند به خوبی به عنوان زیرساخت اصلی پیاده‌ سازی پرتالهای سازمانی مورد استفاده قرار گیرد. با کمک این نرم‌افزار میتوان راه‌ کارهای بسیاری متنوعی در زمینه‌ های کارگروهی، مدیریت مستندات، اطلاع‌رسانی، اتوماسیون اداری، نرم‌افزاری کاربردی و … را پیاده‌سازی کرد.smile icon

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pdf iconSharePoint 2016 User’s Guide: Learning Microsoft’s Business Collaboration Platform, 5th Edition

2016 | ISBN-10: 1484222431 | 543 pages | PDF

Learn how to make the most of SharePoint 2016 and its wide range of capabilities to support your information management, collaboration, and business process management needs. Whether you are using SharePoint as an intranet or business solution platform, you will learn how to use the resources (such as lists, libraries, and sites) and services (such as search, workflow, and social) that make up these environments. In the fifth edition of this bestselling book, author Tony Smith walks you through the components and capabilities that make up a SharePoint 2016 environment. He provides step-by-step instructions for using and managing these elements, as well as recommendations for how to get the best out of them.

What You Will Learn
Create and use common SharePoint resources like lists, libraries, sites, pages and web parts
Understand when and how workflows and information management policies can be used to automate process
Learn how to take advantage of records retention, management, and disposition
Make the most of SharePoint search services
Take advantage of social capabilities to create social solutions

Who This Book Is For

Whether you have not yet used SharePoint at all, have used previous versions, have just started using the basic features, or have been using it for a long of time, this book provides the skills you need to work efficiently with the capabilities SharePoint 2016 provides.


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