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دانلود ویدئو آموزشی ارتقاء به لینوکس ردهت اینترپرایز

Upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 – در این دوره آموزشی در خصوص امکانات جدید این نسخه از لینوکس که در آخرین آپدیت خود به ورژن Enterprise ارتقا یافته است مطالب زیادی را آموزش داده میشود. خصوصا در مورد ماژول های نرم افزاری و ویژگی های مرتبط با مدل ذخیره سازی جدید، همچنین در این دوره مواردی چون Cockpit ، رمزنگاری-سیاست ها و رمزگشایی LUKS، نحوه دسترسی به سیستم های رمزگذاری شده از طریق بحث های دمو(demo) و تخته سفید(whiteboard)، این ویژگی ها همراه با nftables توضیح داده می شوند،(جایگزینی کوچکی برای راه حل فایروال iptables) البته در این ویدئو به این موضوع که چگونه Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 تبدیل به یک سیستم عامل با تمرکز بر روی کار با کانتینر ها (container) شده است نیز بحث می شود.

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Linux (RHEL) 8

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by: Sander van Vugt
Publisher: Pearson IT Certification
Release Date: April 2019
ISBN: 97801356572322+

Video Description

In Upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 LiveLessons you learn about the new features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, starting with software modules and new storage-related features. This course explains Cockpit, crypto-policies, and LUKS decryption, including how to authorize access to encrypted devices if they are offered on a trusted network. Through demos and whiteboard discussion, these features are explained along with nftables, the drop-in replacement for the iptables firewall solution. The course also discusses how Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 has become an operating system that focuses on working with containers. The final three lessons dive into the management of containers with podman, and how to manage container images with buildah.

Topics include

Lesson 1: RHEL 8 Installation
Lesson 2: Working with Modules
Lesson 3: Using New Storage Features
Lesson 4: Using Cockpit
Lesson 5: Cryptographic Policies
Lesson 6: Policy-Based Decryption
Lesson 7: Using nftables
Lesson 8: Understanding Containers in RHEL 8
Lesson 9: Managing Containers and Images with podman
Lesson 10: Managing Container Images with buildah

About the Instructor

Sander van Vugt has been teaching Linux classes since 1995 and has written more than 60 books about different Linux-related topics. He is a Red Hat Certified Instructor and has deep knowledge and understanding of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, including the upcoming Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. He has been teaching Linux since 1994, and as a Red Hat Certified Examiner he is authorized to proctor different Red Hat exams. He is also a regular speaker at major Linux conferences all over the world.

Skill Level


Learn How To

Use modifications to the package management, including yum modules and application streams
Use Stratis, VDO, Cockpit, and Crypto-policies
Work with LUKS encryption
Use nftables
Work with containers using podman
Use container images using buildah

Who Should Take This Course

Anyone interested in getting up to speed quickly on the new features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Course Requirements

Experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

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Table of Contents

Upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8: Introduction 00:02:10
Lesson 1:RHEL 8 Installation
Learning objectives 00:00:20
1.1 Installing RHEL 8 00:03:35
1.2 Using Subscription Manager 00:03:10
1.3 Using RHEL 8 without Subscription Manager 00:03:50
Lesson 2:Working with Modules
Learning objectives 00:00:23
2.1 Understanding Modules 00:04:59
2.2 Managing Modules 00:06:20
Lesson 3:Using New Storage Features
Learning objectives 00:00:37
3.1 Understanding Changes to Partitions and fstab 00:12:10
3.2 Understanding the Storage Stack 00:03:49
3.3 Understanding Stratis 00:02:44
3.4 Creating Stratis Volumes 00:05:26
3.5 Managing Stratis Volumes 00:05:03
3.6 Understanding VDO 00:01:17
3.7 Using VDO 00:03:48
Lesson 4: Using Cockpit
Learning objectives 00:00:26
4.1 Understanding RHEL Management Options 00:02:04
4.2 Using Cockpit 00:07:45
4.3 Adding Cockpit Modules 00:02:56
Lesson 5: Cryptographic Policies
Learning objectives 00:00:23
5.1 Understanding Cryptographic Policies 00:01:52
5.2 Managing Cryptographic Policies 00:00:59
Lesson 6: Policy-Based Decryption
Learning objectives 00:00:24
6.1 Setting up LUKS 00:04:35
6.2 Understanding Policy-Based Decryption 00:02:22
6.3 Managing Policy-Based Decryption 00:05:32
Lesson 7: Using nftables
Learning objectives 00:00:44
7.1 Understanding RHEL 8 Firewalling 00:01:42
7.2 Understanding nftables 00:01:08
7.3 Using nftables 00:07:58
Lesson 8: Understanding Containers in RHEL 8
Learning objectives 00:00:28
8.1 Understanding the Landscape 00:01:22
8.2 RHEL 8 Container Tools Overview 00:02:32
8.3 Connecting to Repositories 00:02:36
Lesson 9: Managing Containers and Images with podman
Learning objectives 00:00:26
9.1 Understanding podman 00:02:35
9.2 Starting with podman 00:07:51
9.3 Running Containers 00:06:38
9.4 Inspecting Containers 00:05:56
Lesson 10: Managing Container Images with buildah
Learning objectives 00:00:23
10.1 Understanding buildah 00:03:00
10.2 Creating an Image Using buildah Native Commands 00:08:18
10.3 Creating an Image Using Dockerfile 00:03:23
10.4 Creating an Image from a Running Container 00:08:03
10.5 Creating an Image from Scratch 00:05:51
Upgrading to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8: Summary 00:00:18

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