Cisco ISE v2.4 Video Training

دانلود ویدئویی دوره آموزش Cisco ISE

سیسکو ISE یکی از محصولات پر طرفدار سیسکو جهت تامین امنیت دسترسی کاربران می باشد که در واقع یک پلتفرم پیشرفته، هوشمند و جامع برای تامین امنیت دسترسی کاربران شبکه محسوب می شود. در دوره آموزشی Cisco ISE v2.4 Video Training نحوه نصب و راه اندازی و به روزرسانی سیسکو ISE به صورت قدم به قدم و همچنین نحوه مدیریت ISE برای VPN، معرفی TACACS+، نحوه پیکربندی سیسکو ISE، مدیریت ISE در شبکه بی سیم و با سیم به صورت جامع آموزش داده می شود.

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حجم: 3.16 گيگابايت

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رمز فايل:

Price: £99.99
Last updated: 4/2019
Language: English
Publisher: Udemy
Video: 11 hours on-demand
Created by: Kevin Rodgers

Course content

45 lectures 10:52:05
+Introduction 1 lecture 03:07
+Lab Configuration 5 lectures 36:52
+ISE Overview 16 lectures 02:40:19
+Wired ISE 14 lectures 04:04:23
+Wireless ISE 5 lectures 02:17:18
+ISE – A Little Extra 4 lectures 01:10:06

What you’ll learn Cisco ISE v2.4 Video Training

Wireless ISE
Wired ISE
ISE Administration
ISE Configuration
ISE Installation and Upgrades
Introduction to TACACS+
Introduction to ISE for VPN


Basic understanding of computer networks
Access to Cisco hardware and software to follow along with the lessons is not provided.


This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to get up and running with ISE quickly. The course was built from the ground up in late 2018 and early 2019 and covers ISE Version 2.4.

Complete and unlimited access to:

All ISE basic configuration.
ISE for the Wired Network
ISE for the Wireless Network
Guest, BYOD, Posture, and much more!

All students will receive full access to all lessons, which includes the ability to download the videos directly. In addition, you will also be granted access to a members-only forum where I will help you when/if you get stuck on a topic. If you would like to see more information on any given topic, just let me know. I’m happy to update a video or even create a new one to cover something more in-depth.

Who this course is for:

Students interested in network security

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