CCNA 200-301 Foundations: A Pre-CCNA Review of Networking Fundamentals

کلیه مدارک سیسکو CCNA در شاخه های مختلف، جای خودشان را به یک آزمون و یک مدرک واحد می دهند، این تغییر رسما از تاریخ 24 فوریه 2020 (برابر با ۵ اسفند ۱۳۹۸) اجرایی می گردد. همچنین کد آزمون جایگزین اعلام شده برای این مدرک جدید سیسکو 301-200 CCNA اعلام شده است. بنا بر اعلام سیسکو، شرکت در دوره جدید CCNA و اخذ مدرک آن پیش نیاز خاصی ندارد اما همچنان به دانشجو توصیه شده است برای رسیدن به نتایج بهتر حداقل دانش لازم در زمینه شبکه را داشته باشد. دوره مقدماتی شبکه Network Plus متعلق به CompTIA همچنان بهترین توصیه برای آمادگی شرکت در دوره جدید CCNA 200-301 می باشد. در دوره CCNA 200-301 Foundations به بررسی مبانی و اصول شبکه جهت آمادگی و شرکت در آزمون سیسکو CCNA 200-301 پرداخته می شود.

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Video Description

By: Kevin Wallace
Publisher:  Pearson IT Certification
Release Date: August 2019
ISBN: 9780136584223

Table of Contents

CCNA 200-301 Foundations: Introduction 00:00:36
CCNA 200-301 Foundations
Module 1–Protocols and Reference Models 00:18:11
Module 2–Network Devices 00:37:01
Module 3–Network Topologies and Categories 00:15:45
Module 4–Network Services 00:42:40
Module 5–WAN Technologies 00:16:21
Module 6–Cables and Connectors 00:42:22
Module 7–Ethernet Switches 1:20:16
Module 8–Wireless Networks 00:14:56
Module 9–Network Addressing 1:02:47
Module 10–Routing 1:11:52
Module 11–Unified Communications 00:21:10
Module 12–Cloud and Virtualization 00:10:47
Module 13–Network Security 00:33:18
Module 14–Network Monitoring and Management 00:13:25
Module 15–High Availability 00:12:48
Module 16–Quality of Service 00:27:10

12+ Hours of Video Instruction


Even though the CCNA certification is an associate level program, exam candidates are expected to have a basic knowledge of IP addressing, knowledge of networking fundamentals, and some experience deploying and managing Cisco solutions. CCNA 200-301 Foundations LiveLessons provides you with the pre-requisite knowledge needed to begin your CCNA exam preparation. Assuming no previous knowledge, this comprehensive networking fundamentals course covers the theory and operation of multiple networking technologies, all designed to lay a strong foundation for your CCNA studies and beyond.

About the Instructor

Kevin Wallace, CCIEx2 (Route/Switch and Collaboration) #7945 With Cisco experience dating back to 1989, Kevin has been a Network Design Specialist for the Walt Disney World Resort, a Network Manager at Eastern Kentucky University, an instructor for Cisco Learning Partners, an author of multiple Cisco Press books, and a Distinguished Speaker at Cisco Live. Currently, Kevin owns and operates Kevin Wallace Training, LLC (, a provider of self-paced training materials that simplify computer networking.

Skill Level


Learn How To
In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of networking, to get you prepared to begin your Cisco CCNA studies. Specifically, you’ll learn the basics of the following topics: protocols and reference models, network devices, network topologies, network services, WAN technologies, cables and connectors, Ethernet switches, wireless networking, network addressing, routing, unified communications, cloud and virtualization, network security, network monitoring and management, high availability, and quality of service.

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for anyone wanting to work towards their Cisco CCNA certification that has less than two years of networking experience.

Course Requirements

Since this is an introductory level course, there are no prerequisites.


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