Ideal Platforms for Optimizing IT Workloads

Ideal Platforms for Optimizing IT Workloads – این کتاب در خصوص استفاده از راه کار ها و پلت فرم های مناسب جهت بهینه سازی و کاهش بارهای کاری در واحد فناوری اطلاعات به همراه  نمونه مثال رایج در محیط های کاری از انتشارات HPE Press می باشد. در این کتاب به آنالیز و بررسی  ارائه خدمات IT مبتنی بر بار کاری در جهت گرفتن تصمیمات کلیدی پرداخته شده است و همچنین این کتاب در جهت کمک به CTO ها، مدیران مرکز داده، معماران سیستم، متخصصین فناوری اطلاعات میباشد.

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Author: Marty Poniatowski
Publisher: HPE Press
Date: Mar 14, 2017
Price: $32.99
ISBN: 1942741553
ISBN13: 9781942741558
Format: AZW3, PDF Convert

Looking for the ideal IT platform for customer-specific workloads? If so, this book is for you. It presents detailed technical information and specifications for a wide variety of tried and tested workload designs and implementations. Each chapter is written by an expert in their field and covers the following solution areas:

Ideal Platforms for Optimizing IT Workloads

• Scale-out and high-performance computing
• Scaleable object storage and large file storage
• Hosted desktop infrastructure (HDI), VDI, and eVDI
• Hyperconverged systems
• Scale-up applications: SAP HANA and Microsoft® SQL Server®
• Backup and recovery
• Hadoop, asynchronous compute and storage
• Composable infrastructure: HPE Synergy
• The “Right Mix” for hybrid IT
• Workloads of the future: Internet of Things (IoT), and industrial IoT (IIoT)

For IT professionals and decision-makers seeking deeper insights into how to build workload solutions tailored to specific environments and needs, this book is your go-to resource.

About the Author

This book was written collaboratively by many HPE technical experts, led by Marty Poniatowski, Senior Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the Business Development, Enablement, Solutions, and Technology (BEST) organization. Marty manages the presales technical experts in the U.S. East for many disciplines that represent the portfolio of HPE services and products. His focus is on the strategic initiatives of hybrid IT, intelligent edge, data-driven results, and many related technologies. He is author of 18 books on IT topics.

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