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نرم‌افزار Microsoft SQL Server یک سامانه‌ی مدیریت پایگاه داده‌ی رابطه‌ای (Relational Database Management System به‌اختصار RDBMS که نوعی از DBMS (مخفف Database Management System و به‌معنی سامانه‌ی مدیریت پایگاه داده) است که توسط مایکروسافت ارائه شده و توسعه داده می‌شود. این ابزار، محیط کاملی را برای ذخیره، مدیریت و بازیابی داده‌ها و اطلاعات براساس درخواست نرم‌افزارهای مختلف فراهم می‌کند که از مدل خدمات‌دهنده/خدمات‌گیرنده (Client/Server) تبعیت می‌کند؛ در این حالت، درخواست‌های کلاینت‌ها برای سرور ارسال و توسط آن بررسی و آنالیز می‌گردد.

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Video Description

8+ Hours of Video Instruction

A comprehensive guide to provisioning, managing, and securing SQL Server 2017 databases


In this video, database analyst and trainer Eric Johnson gives you the tools you need to manage SQL Server in your environment. You learn about the new features in SQL Server 2017, including running SQL Server on Linux. You also learn how to provision and secure Azure databases, design SQL Server tables, and tune and optimize SQL. The video wraps up by showing you how to manage data recovery and implement high-availability databases.

Throughout the video, Eric explains the concepts and methodologies of managing SQL Server databases and then puts techniques into practice with visual demonstrations. With Eric as your guide, follow his detailed steps and get hands-on practice to become a more experienced–and more efficient– database adminstrator.

About the Instructor

Eric Johnson has been working with SQL Server since 1998 when he started doing administration on version 6.5. For over 20 years, Eric has done everything with the product from administrator to development to database design. He has recorded several video tutorials about SQL Server, including Introduction to SQL Server 2016 Integration Services (SSIS) LiveLessons and SQL Server 2016 Fundamentals for the Accidental DBA LiveLessons published by Pearson. Eric has worked with Microsoft on developing their certification exams on SQL Server and was a SQL Server MVP for 5 years.

Skill Level

All levels

Learn How To

Install SQL Server administration and development tools

Configure server memory and network settings

Provision SQL Server databases, including Azure databases

Manage user security and permissions

Secure servers and data

Design SQL Server tables

Configure clustered and non-clustered indexes

Create and verify backups and restore a database

Implement high availability and disaster recovery

Who Should Watch This Video

These video lessons are for database administrators, architects, and developers, and performance tuning experts


Understanding of the Windows operating system

An IT background

Previous experience with SQL Server not required
Table of Contents

SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out: Introduction 00:05:09
Lesson 1: Installing and Using SQL Server Administration and Development Tools
Learning objectives 00:00:46
1.1 Understand the Installation Center 00:04:01
1.2 Find the tools installed with the SQL Server 00:03:25
1.3 Use the performance and reliability monitoring tools 00:10:39
1.4 Understand SQL Server Management Studio 00:12:34
1.5 Understand SQL Server Data Tools 00:06:07
Lesson 2: Introducing Database Server Components
Learning objectives 00:00:39
2.1 Configure server memory 00:06:21
2.2 Setup database files 00:09:54
2.3 Configure network settings 00:08:41
2.4 Setup SQL Server security 00:08:12
Lesson 3: Provisioning SQL Server SQL Databases
Learning objectives 00:00:45
3.1 Install a new instance 00:13:01
3.2 Make post-installation server configuration changes 00:10:27
3.3 Install and configure database features 00:10:56
3.4 Create SQL Server databases 00:05:10
Lesson 4: Provisioning Azure SQL Databases
Learning objectives 00:00:47
4.1 Understand Microsoft Azure and database-as- a-service concepts 00:04:59
4.2 Provision a logical SQL Server 00:12:59
4.3 Provision a database 00:09:57
4.4 Setup security in Azure SQL databases 00:08:09
Lesson 5: Implementing and Managing SQL Server User Security and Permissions
Learning objectives 00:00:55
5.1 Understand logins and users 00:04:03
5.2 Setup permissions in SQL Server 00:21:58
5.3 Migrate SQL Server logins 00:10:30
Lesson 6: Securing the Server and Data
Learning objectives 00:00:49
6.1 Handle encryption in SQL Server 00:06:52
6.2 Setup row level security 00:06:39
6.3 Understand data masking 00:08:01
6.4 Configure SQL Server audits 00:10:38
Lesson 7: Understanding and Designing SQL Server Tables
Learning objectives 00:00:45
7.1 Review table design 00:12:13
7.2 Understand special table types 00:04:10
7.3 Create views 00:12:24
7.4 Use change tracking 00:07:33
7.5 Understand Change Data Capture 00:06:41
Lesson 8: Performance Tuning and Optimizing SQL
Learning objectives 00:00:47
8.1 Understand isolation levels 00:20:30
8.2 Use execution plans 00:07:44
8.3 Configure clustered indexes 00:16:40
8.4 Configure non-clustered indexes 00:11:26
8.5 Use index statistics 00:07:48
8.6 Understand parallelism 00:05:30
Lesson 9: Developing, Deploying, and Managing Data Recovery
Learning objectives 00:01:00
9.1 Understand data recovery fundamentals 00:02:20
9.2 Understand backup devices 00:04:26
9.3 Understand different types of backups 00:09:13
9.4 Create and verify backups 00:11:57
9.5 Restore a database 00:14:17
9.6 Define a backup and recovery strategy 00:06:25
Lesson 10: Implementing SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery
Learning objectives 00:00:54
10.1 Review high availability and disaster recovery technologies 00:05:41
10.2 Setup SQL Server log shipping 00:15:08
10.3 Use SQL replication for high availability 00:28:02
10.4 Read secondary database copies 00:07:24
Lesson 11: Managing and Monitoring SQL Server Databases
Learning objectives 00:00:50
11.1 Monitor database backups 00:08:46
11.2 Deal with database corruption 00:09:27
11.3 Setup index maintenance 00:10:08
11.4 Configure statistics updates 00:04:13
11.5 Cleanup history 00:06:22
11.6 Shrink databases 00:07:21
11.7 Monitor database activity 00:09:31
11.8 Use performance monitor 00:06:33
11.9 Monitor database logs 00:05:01
11.10 Use resource governor 00:10:27
Lesson 12: Automating SQL Server Administration
Learning objectives 00:00:49
12.1 Understand the components of SQL Server automated administration 00:13:48
12.2 Setup database maintenance plans 00:14:08
12.3 Configure multi-server administration 00:12:34
12.4 Use PowerShell to automate SQL Server administration 00:05:20
SQL Server 2017 Administration Inside Out: Summary 00:02:46

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