Mastering Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 یکی دیگر از سیستم عامل های مایکروسافت می باشد که برای سرور ها طراحی شده است و می تواند توسط مراکز اطلاعاتی بزرگ دنیا و یا حتی شرکت های کوچک، مورد استفاده قرار گیرد. Windows Server 2016 ویژگی های جدید و پیشرفته ای را در زمینه مجازی سازی، شبکه، ذخیره سازی، تجربه کاربر، محاسبات ابری، اتوماسیون و … برای کاربران فراهم نموده است. به عبارت ساده تر Windows Server 2016 به شما کمک می کند تا امور مربوط به آی تی شرکت خود را بسیار آسان تر و در یک سطح کاملاً جدید به همراه کاهش هزینه ها، انجام دهید.smile icon

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pdf iconMastering Windows Server 2016

English | 25 Oct. 2016 | ISBN: 1785888900 | 416 Pages | PDF (conv)

About This Book

In-depth coverage of new features of Windows Server 2016
Gain the necessary skills and knowledge to design and implement Microsoft Server 2016 in enterprise environment
Know how you can support your medium to large enterprise and leverage your experience in administering Microsoft Server 2016,
A practical guide to administering Windows server 2016

Who This Book Is For

The book is targeted at System Administrators and IT professionals who would like to design and deploy Windows Server 2016 (physical and logical) Enterprise infrastructure. Previous experience of Windows Server operating systems and familiarity with networking concepts is assumed. System administrators who are upgrading or migrating to Windows Server 2016 would also find this book useful.

What You Will Learn

Familiarize yourself with Windows Server 2016’s ideology, the core of most datacenters running today
Learn the new functions and benefits provided only by the new Windows Server 2016
Get comfortable working with Nano Server and Server Core
Secure your network with new technologies in Windows Server 2016
Harden your Windows Servers to help keep those bad guys out!
Use new built-in integration with Docker with this latest release of Windows Server 2016
Virtualize your datacenter with Hyper-V

In Detail

Mastering Windows Server 2016 covers all aspects of administration-level tasks and activities required to gain expertise in Microsoft Windows Server 2016. You will begin with installing and managing Windows Server 2016 and discover some tips for adapting to the new server management ideology, which is all about centralized monitoring and configuration. You will learn about networking in this new operating system, along with Software-Defined Networking. You will start using PowerShell as a central platform for performing many of the functions that are discussed in this book. You will learn about the new built-in integration with Docker with this latest release of Windows Server 2016. Also included is powerful information about the remote access technologies available in this OS, as well as guidelines for virtualizing your datacenter with Hyper-V. By the end of this book, you will have all the ammunition required to start planning for and implementing Windows Server 2016.

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