Network Security Strategies

در کتاب استراتژی های امنیت شبکه (Network Security Strategies) شما با نحوه شناسایی آسیب پذیری های امنیتی شبکه و سیستم عامل ها و نحوه رصد و شناسایی خطرات احتمالی در دفاع از شبکه خود در برابر تهدیدات به صورت کاملا حرفه ای آموزش داده می شود.

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Price: €20.99
Publisher: Packt Publishing
By: Dr. Aditya Mukherjee

Build a resilient network and prevent advanced cyber attacks and breaches

Key Features

Explore modern cybersecurity techniques to protect your networks from ever-evolving cyber threats
Prevent cyber attacks by using robust cybersecurity strategies
Unlock the secrets of network security

Book Description

With advanced cyber attacks severely impacting industry giants and the constantly evolving threat landscape, organizations are adopting complex systems to maintain robust and secure environments. Network Security Strategies will help you get well-versed with the tools and techniques required to protect any network environment against modern cyber threats.

You’ll understand how to identify security vulnerabilities across the network and how to effectively use a variety of network security techniques and platforms. Next, the book will show you how to design a robust network that provides top-notch security to protect against traditional and new evolving attacks. With the help of detailed solutions and explanations, you’ll be able to monitor networks skillfully and identify potential risks. Finally, the book will cover topics relating to thought leadership and the management aspects of network security.

By the end of this network security book, you’ll be well-versed in defending your network from threats and be able to consistently maintain operational efficiency, security, and privacy in your environment.

What you will learn

Understand network security essentials, including concepts, mechanisms, and solutions to implement secure networks
Get to grips with setting up and threat monitoring cloud and wireless networks
Defend your network against emerging cyber threats in 2020
Discover tools, frameworks, and best practices for network penetration testing
Understand digital forensics to enhance your network security skills
Adopt a proactive approach to stay ahead in network security

Who this book is for

This book is for anyone looking to explore information security, privacy, malware, and cyber threats. Security experts who want to enhance their skill set will also find this book useful. A prior understanding of cyber threats and information security will help you understand the key concepts covered in the book more effectively.

Table of Contents

Network Security Concepts
Security for Cloud and Wireless Networks
Mitigating Top Network Threats of 2020
Network Penetration Testing and Best Practices
Advance Network Attacks
Network Digital Forensics
Performing Network Auditing
Continuous and Effective Threat Management
Proactive Security Strategy


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