Network Security Monitoring (NSM) with Security Onion – آموزش مانیتورینگ امنیت شبکه با نرم افزار Onion

دانلود ویدئو آموزش مانيتورينگ امنيت شبکه با نرم افزار Onion

مانیتورینگ و نظارت بر امنیت شبکه یکی از مهارت مهم و اساس در خصوص جلوگیری، شناسایی و پاسخ به حملات رایج شبکه می باشد. در دوره Network Security Monitoring (NSM) with Security Onion شما با نحوه کار با نرم افزار Onion و در ادامه شما یاد خواهید گرفت که NSM چیست و نحوه راه اندازی سنسورهای شبکه و ایجاد حملات واقعی و نحوه شناسایی حملات و نحوه استقرار و مدیریت یک محیط امنیتی به کمک Onion را یاد خواهید گرفت. Security Onion یک نرم افزار رایگان و متن باز می باشد.

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Level: Beginner
Updated: Jun 26, 2018
By: Guillaume Ross
Duration: 2h 19m
Publisher: Pluralsight


Network security monitoring is a skill that is at the core of the broad set of skills security professionals can master to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks which are so common today. In this course, Network Security Monitoring (NSM) with Security Onion, you will learn about network security monitoring as well as cto use Security Onion to perform network security monitoring. First, you will learn what NSM is. Next, you will explore where you can deploy network sensors, how to handle the triage process by generating real attacks, how to detect attacks, and how to deploy and operate a Security Onion environment.

Finally, you will discover how you can perform network security monitoring in a production environment, and how to deploy your own Security Onion environment and generate attacks to dissect with it. By the end of this course, you will have everything you need to further improve your skills as a security analyst, security engineer, or security architect. These skills are easily transferable to other network security monitoring products, such as commercial ones commonly found in the enterprise.

Course Overview

Network Security Monitoring: Why and When?
Location Location Location: Choosing Where to Monitor the Network
What Is Security Onion?
Detecting Attacks at the Network Layer
Operationalizing Security Onion
Wrapping Up

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