Advanced VMware vRealize Operations Manager

Advanced VMware vRealize Operations Manager نام بسته ای نرم افزاری به منظور ساخت و مدیریت و نیز اعمال تنظیمات خاص بر روی برنامه های محیط Cloud و مجازی سازها می باشد. با استفاده از VMware vRealize افراد قادر خواهند بود تا با استفاده از یک کنسول مرکزی تغییراتی را بر روی ده ها و حتی صدها مجازی ساز به طور همزمان انجام دهند. شما می‌توانید مشکلات احتمالی در آینده را پیش بینی کنید، نیاز به تغییر در منابع و همچنین استفاده از منابع آزاد را به طور پویا مدل سازی و در کنترل بگیرید…

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Packtpub Advanced VMware vRealize Operations Manager [Video]

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ISBN 139781787121065
Course Length2 hours and 49 minutes

Video Description

VMware vRealize Operations Manager is used to deliver intelligent operations management to automate key processes and improve IT efficiency. This course starts by teaching you to configure and create alerts based on environment-specific symptoms. Then, we’ll walk you through manipulating metric data using super metrics. You will learn how and when to use groups, after which we move on to basic dashboard design to deliver easy-to-consume data in our environment. You’ll learn how to import custom data and work with relationships. Next, we’ll revamp our basic dashboard and introduce interactivity to it, so it can show data on selected objects. Finally, you will learn how to set up notifications and will be equipped to manage, run, and use vROps within you own environment.

Style and Approach

This is a mastering-level course that is aimed at viewers having basic skills with the vRealize Operations Manager. It follows a very practical step-by-step approach to teach viewers how they can extend their administrative skills with this pragmatic guide.

Get to know how to trigger events with alerts and symptoms
Manipulate metric data using super metrics
Create a basic dashboard using widgets
Import custom data and add it to existing objects
Create relationships via the UI and REST
Configure and set up notifications

Chris Slater

Chris Slater is a Senior Solutions Architect working for VMware as part of the Professional Services Organisation (PSO). He specializes in SDDC technologies and methodologies such as vSphere, vRealize Operations Manager, and Infrastructure and Platform as a Service (IaaS/PaaS) through vRealize Automation. Chris is a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX-DV #102) and received a Bachelor of IT from the Australian National University.

His primary customer base is the Australian Federal Government that has allowed him to work in some of the largest vSphere environments in Australia.Chris is in his early 30’s and it grateful for the support from his wife Nicola and three children Sophia, Daniel and Joel. Outside of work, he enjoys gaming and watching Hobbit and Frozen (for the 100th time) with his kids. Chris can be followed on twitter @cslater27.

Scott Norris

Scott Norris is currently a Senior Consultant in VMware’s Professional Services Organization (PSO). He specializes in multiple VMware technologies, such as ESXi, vCenter, vRA 6 and 7, vCD, vCOps (vROps ), vRO, SRM, and Application Services. He is a VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX -DCA and VCDX-CMA #201).

For the last 8 years, Scott has worked exclusively on VMware products and technologies. supporting small environments from a single server, to large federal government environments with hundreds of hosts.

He is a 34-year-old father of two and has been an IT professional for 12 years minus. a small hiatus in which he fought and won the battle against non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Outside of work, Scott enjoys messing around in his test lab, playing with his children, or kicking back playing the Xbox.Scott is the Author of Mastering vRealize Operations Manager by Packt Publishing and runs a popular blog focused on the vRealize Suite at He can be followed on Twitter at @auScottNorris.

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