Learn Wi-Fi Key Penetration Testing (WEP / WPA / WPA2)

صنعت وایرلس روز به روز در حال گسترش است. اما متاسفانه، تنظیمات امنیتی که در تجهیزات وایرلس پیاده سازی شده است اغلب دچار مشکلاتی است و در نتیجه، آنها را آسیب پذیر می‌کند. در عمل بسیاری از شرکت‌ها و سازمان‌ها هنوز از شبکه‌های وایرلس آسیب پذیر استفاده می‌کنند این به علت کمبود آگاهی امنیتی یا درک نامناسب از ریسک‌ها است. دوره Penetration Testing برای سازماندهی و تشریح حملات مربوط به وایرلس طراحی شده است و با استفاده از ابزارها و تکنیک‌ها، درک خوبی از نا امنی‌های وایرلس را به مخاطبان می‌دهد.

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Learn Wi-Fi Key Penetration Testing (WEP / WPA / WPA2)

Year: 2016
Manufacturer: Udemy
hacker cartoonManufacturer Website: www.udemy.com
Duration: 1:51:26
Type of material handed out: Video Tutorial
English language
Video Format: MP4
Video: AVC, 1280×720 (16: 9), 20.000 fps, ~ 222 Kbps avg, 0.012 bit / pixel
Audio: 44.1 KHz, AAC LC, 2 ch, ~ 55.7 Kbps
Description: 25 + Video to teach you how to check the security of Wi-Fi keys (WEP / WPA / WPA2) From ScratchIn this course you will start as a beginner with no previous knowledge about penetration testing. The course is structured in a way that will take you through the basics of networking and how clients communicate with each other, then we will start talking about how we can exploit this method of communication to carry out a number of powerful attacks. At the end of the course you will learn how to configure wireless networks to protect it from these attacks.
This course is focuses on the practical side of wireless penetration testing without neglecting the theory behind each attack, the attacks explained in this course are launched against real devices in my lab.

├── 01. Introduction.MP4
├── 02. Networks Basics.MP4
├── 03. What is MAC Address & How To Change It.MP4
├── 04. Wireless Modes – Managed & Monitor Mode Explained.MP4
├── 05. Sniffing Basics – Using Airodump-ng.MP4
├── 06. Targeted Sniffing.MP4
├── 07. Deauthentication Attack.MP4
├── 08. Cracking Sections Introduction.MP4
├── 09. Theory Behind Cracking WEP.MP4
├── 10. WEP Cracking – Basic Case.MP4
├── 11. WEP Cracking – Fake Authentication.MP4
├── 12. WEP Cracking – ARP Request Reply Attack.MP4
├── 13. WEP Cracking – Chopchop Attack.MP4
├── 14. WEP Cracking – Fragmentation Attack.MP4
├── 15. WPA Cracking – Introduction.MP4
├── 16. WPA Cracking – Exploiting WPS Feature.MP4
├── 17. WPA Cracking – Theory Behind Cracking WPAWPA2.MP4
├── 18. WPA Cracking – How To Capture The Handshake.MP4
├── 19. WPA Cracking – Creating a Wordlist.MP4
├── 20. WPA Cracking – Cracking Key Using A Wordlist Attack.MP4
├── 21. WPA Cracking – Speeding the Cracking Process Using Rainbow Tables.MP4
└── 22. WPA Cracking – Even Quicker Cracking Using GPU.MP4

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