Hands-On Infrastructure Monitoring with Prometheus

نرم افزار مانیتورینگ Prometheus یک سیستم قدرتمند مانیتورینگ و هشدار دهنده متن باز می باشد که توسط شرکت SoundCloud ایجاد گردید است. نرم افزار  Prometheusبر پایه زبان برنامه نویسی Go نوشته شده است و از زمان آغاز به کار، بسیاری از شرکت ها و سازمان ها از نرم افزار مانیتورینگ Prometheus استفاده کرده اند. اکنون Prometheus یک پروژه منبع باز مستقل است و مستقل از هر شرکتی نگهداری می شود. در سال ۲۰۱۶ پروژه Prometheus پس از Kubernetes به عنوان دومین پروژه، به بنیاد رایانش ابری (CNCF) پیوست است.

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Date: May 2019
Price: $24.99
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Pages: 442
Format: EPUB, PDF Convert + Code File
By: Joel Bastos , Pedro Arajo
ISBN: 9781789612349

About this book

Prometheus is an open source monitoring system. It provides a modern time series database, a robust query language, several metric visualization possibilities, and a reliable alerting solution for traditional and cloud-native infrastructure.

This book covers the fundamental concepts of monitoring and explores Prometheus architecture, its data model, and how metric aggregation works. Multiple test environments are included to help explore different configuration scenarios, such as the use of various exporters and integrations. You’ll delve into PromQL, supported by several examples, and then apply that knowledge to alerting and recording rules, as well as how to test them. After that, alert routing with Alertmanager and creating visualizations with Grafana is thoroughly covered. In addition, this book covers several service discovery mechanisms and even provides an example of how to create your own. Finally, you’ll learn about Prometheus federation, cross-sharding aggregation, and also long-term storage with the help of Thanos.

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to implement and scale Prometheus as a full monitoring system on-premises, in cloud environments, in standalone instances, or using container orchestration with Kubernetes.

Section 1: Introduction
Monitoring Fundamentals
An Overview of the Prometheus Ecosystem
Setting Up a Test Environment
Section 2: Getting Started with Prometheus
Prometheus Metrics Fundamentals
Running a Prometheus Server
Exporters and Integrations
Prometheus Query Language – PromQL
Troubleshooting and Validation
Section 3: Dashboards and Alerts
Defining Alerting and Recording Rules
Discovering and Creating Grafana Dashboards
Understanding and Extending Alertmanager
Section 4: Scalability, Resilience, and Maintainability
Choosing the Right Service Discovery
Scaling and Federating Prometheus
Integrating Long-Term Storage with Prometheus


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