CBT Nuggets – VMware NSX Introduction and Installation

دانلود ویدئو آموزشی نرم افزار VMware NSX مقدمه به همراه نصب و راه اندازی

دوره آموزشی VMware NSX Introduction and Installation محصول شرکت CBT Nuggets در ابتدا مقدمه ای از VMware NSX را بررسی می کند و در ادامه اقدام به آموزش نحوه نصب و راه اندازی VMware NSX می کند. این دوره شامل 22 بخش می باشد.

لینک دانلود ویدئو آموزشی CBT Nuggets – VMware NSX Introduction and Installation


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January 2019
Jacob Moran
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 2 H 39 M

This VMware training course with Jacob Moran will teach you the fundamentals of NSX and how to install it. Whether you’re installing NSX for the first time or you’re in charge of maintaining your NSX environment, this course is for you.

This is the first of a four-part series in which you’ll learn about NSX, VMware’s network virtualization and security platform, and cover the objectives of the VCP6-NV certification exam.

Recommended Experience

  • None

Recommended Equipment

  • None

Related Certifications

  • VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization

Related Job Functions

  • IT professionals
  • Network administrators
  • Cloud administrators
  • Virtual administrators
  • Datacenter administrators

Jacob Moran has been a CBT Nuggets trainer since 2018 and holds a variety of Microsoft certifications. His areas of expertise include Microsoft Server and Desktop, Microsoft SQL Server, Virtualization using Microsoft Hyper-V, Microsoft System Center VMM, Microsoft SharePoint Services, and VMware.

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