CBT Nuggets – Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (300-410 ENARSI)

دوره Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (300-410 ENARSI) دانش لازم را جهت نصب، پیکربندی، بهره برداری و عیب یابی شبکه سازمانی به شما می دهد. همچنین دوره سیسکو 300-410 ENARSI شامل مباجثی از قبیل مسیریابی پیشرفته و فناوری های زیرساختی است، و موضوعاتی مانند پیاده سازی و بهره برداری در این دوره بصورت گستدره تری آموزش داده میشود.

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This Training Includes:

26 hour of training
232 videos
Publisher: CBT Nuggets
Date: June 12, 2020

Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (300-410 ENARSI)

In this 232-video, intermediate CCNP Enterprise (300-410 ENARSI) training, CBT Nuggets trainers Keith Barker and Knox Hutchinson cover the knowledge network engineers need to implement and troubleshoot advanced routing technologies and services for Cisco enterprise networks.

Expanding on the knowledge covered in the 350-401 ENCOR training, this forty-part series covers advanced networking topic such as EIGRP, OSPF v2 and v3, and MP-BGP, and MPLS VPNs. It also gets into network programmability and other advanced networking principles.

There are 40 skills in the course, including:

Tools for Route Manipulation and Control
Troubleshoot Summarization
Configure and Verify Policy-Based Routing
Configure and Verify VRF-Lite
Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
Fundamentals of EIGRP
EIGRP Address Families
EIGRP Neighbor Relationships and Authentication
EIGRP Stub Routing
Troubleshoot EIGRP
and 30 more skills.

This training maps to the 300-410 ENARSI exam, which is one of six concentration exams required to earn the CCNP Enterprise certification.

Topics this training covers include:

Troubleshooting Labs
PBR Overview
Intro to Troubleshooting Summarization
Intro to Bidirectional Forwarding Detection
EIGRP Review

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