CCNP and CCIE Security Core SCOR 350-701 Complete Video Course

دوره CCNP and CCIE Security Core SCOR 350-701 بالاترین سطح آموزشی سیسکو در ارتباط با تکنولوژی های امنیت در شبکه های کامپیوتری می باشد. داوطلبانی که موفق به گذراندن آزمون عملی این دوره می شوند افرادی هستند که توانایی پیاده سازی پیچیده ترین و تخصصی ترین سناریو های شبکه و امنیت در مقیاس بسیار بزرگ را دارند. این افراد تجربه و تخصص بسیاربالایی در عیب یابی أنواع سرویس های شبکه دارند.

جهت دریافت مدرک سیسکو  CCIE شما در دو آزمون باید موفق به کسب نمره قبولی بشوید:
  • آزمون اول همان آزمون اصلی مربوط به دوره CCNP Security می شود که با نام سیسکو SCOR 350-701 شناخته می شود.
  • آزمون دوم یک امتحان عملی ۸ ساعته می باشد که توسط شرکت سیسکو برگزار می شود. این آزمون یکی از سخت ترین امتحانات شناخته شده در زمینه فناوری اطلاعات شناخته می شود.

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  • Copyright 2020
  • Edition: 1st
  • Price: $399.99
  • ISBN-10: 0-13-658336-9
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-13-658336-3
  • By: Omar Santos, Ron Taylor
  • Published: Jun 19, 2020 by Pearson IT Certification
  • Part of the LiveLessons series

12+ Hours of Video Instruction  More than 12 hours of video instruction and remediation organized to prepare users to take the CCNP Security Core SCOR 350-701 exam and prepare for their CCIE Security studies.


The CCNP and CCIE Security Core SCOR 350-701 Complete Video Course is designed to provide you with more than 12 hours of instruction with the goal of fully preparing you for all aspects of the exam. Security professionals who already hold the CCNP Security certification and are currently preparing to advance to the CCIE Security certification will also find the contents of this course extremely beneficial in their studies. The course walks through the vast array of security topics through dynamic presentations, demos, and illustrated techniques to help you attain a better grasp of how all of these security threats, preventative measures, and mitigation methods coalesce. The end result of this understanding is to help you perform confidently on the exam as well as in your professional life. The course instructor, Omar Santos, is a Principal Engineer of the Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT). Omar is very active and a well-known subject matter expert in the security arena.
Through detailed exploration, configuration demos, and troubleshooting implementations, this course methodically guides you through the topics of general security concepts; network security; cloud security; content security; endpoint protection and detection; and network access, visibility, and enforcement. Not coincidentally, these are the six main domains outlined in the SCOR 350-701 exam blueprint.

Topics include:

Module 1: Cybersecurity FundamentalsModule 2: Software Defined Networking Security and Network ProgrammabilityModule 3: AAA, Identity Management, Network Visibility, and SegmentationModule 4: Infrastructure Security, Firewalls, and Intrusion Prevention SystemsModule 5: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)Module 6: Securing the Cloud and Content SecurityModule 7: Endpoint Security and Cisco Threat Response

Skill Level

Intermediate to Advanced

Learn How To 
  • Identify, mitigate, and prevent common cybersecurity threats
  • Understand and implement various cryptography methods
  • Apply Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and network programmability to streamline your networks security
  • Manage network access, authentication, and user identity through proven tools and techniques
  • Maintain the integrity of network infrastructure security through network tools, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems
  • Implement site-to-site and remote access virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • Secure your network content in on-premise and in the Cloud
  • Implement Endpoint Threat Detection and Response (ETDR) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Pass the CCNP Security Core SCOR 350-701 exam
  • Prepare for the CCIE Security certification
Who Should Take This Course
  • CCNP Security certification candidates
  • CCIE Security certification candidates
  • Network designers, administrators, and engineers
  • Network security professionals
Course Requirements
  • Skills and knowledge equivalent to those holding a CCNA certification
  • Working knowledge of Ethernet, TCP/IP, and Cisco IOS networking concepts
  • Basic understanding of core security technologies

 Lesson Descriptions  Module 1, “Cybersecurity Fundamentals,” provides an understanding of the wide-ranging cybersecurity threats against on-premise and cloud environments. You will also learn the fundamentals of cryptography that are covered in the exam.
Module 2, “Software Defined Networking Security and Network Programmability,” explores the tools, architecture, and security benefits and threats associated with Software-Defined Networking (SDN). Additionally, the lessons in this module explore the different methods and tools associated with network programmability. From the content in these lessons, you will learn why and how SDN and network programmability are extremely useful in todays environments.
Module 3, “AAA, Identity Management, Network Visibility, and Segmentation,” begins with Lesson 5, which is an introduction to authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA). Lesson 6 takes this a step further with a detailed look at identity management, Secure network access, visibility, and segmentation.
In Module 4, “Infrastructure Security, Firewalls, and Intrusion Prevention Systems,” details several of the attacks made against infrastructure devices (including routers, switches, and firewalls) and the best practices and solutions to help prevent or mitigate these attacks. The latter lessons in this module cover Cisco Next-Generation Firewalls and Cisco Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems.
Module 5, “Virtual Private Networks (VPNs),” examines the process of how to deploy site-to-site and remote access VPN solutions to protect your data and your users.
Module 6, Securing the Cloud and Content Security starts with an introduction to the different cloud deployment and service models. You will learn about different technologies to protect and secure different cloud environments. You will also learn about the different Cisco Content Security solutions such as Cisco Web Security and Email Security Appliances.
Module 7, Endpoint Security and Cisco Threat Response covers Endpoint Protection & Detection, as well as the Cisco Threat Response solution.

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