Multicast on MikroTik RouterOS with LABS

Understand how to configure Multicast on MikroTik RouterOS with step-by-step LABS

هدف از Multicast ارسال پيام تنها به گروهی از گیرندگان است که علاقه مشترکی در دریافت یک Data بخصوص دارند. پس جهت دریافت ترافيک مورد نظر عضو آن گروه ميشوند. Multicast کاربردهايی نظير IPTV، CCTV، Online Training – ELearning، Software Distribution، Video Conferencing و غيره دارد و در لايه دو و لايه سه قابل پياده سازی است. در دوره آموزشی Multicast on MikroTik RouterOS with LABS به بررسی مفاهیم مالتی کست در میکروتیک پرداخته می شود.

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Date: 2022
Duration: 2.5 Hours
By: Maher Haddad
Publisher: Udemy
Language: English + Subtitle

What you’ll learn
  • Understand the theory behind Multicast
  • Understand and configure IGMP, PIM
  • Understand and configure BSR Candidates and RP Candidates
  • Be familiar with MikroTik RouterOS

Hello, You are looking to this course because you wish to run Multicast in your MikroTik network and you can’t find resources for this. Multicast is an added value solution for many ISP’s and companies running MikroTik Routers.

However, you should understand 1st about Multicast to be able to configure it. That’s why, in this course I will explain all theoretical parts about Multicast before configure it.

Don’t waste your time in searching of how to configure Multicast on google, let me know show this for you in a 2.5 hours course with all details.

You will learn the following in this course:
  • What is Multicast and what are its components
  • Multicast Layer 3 and Layer 2 Addresses
  • Installing the Multicast Package on the MikroTik RouterOS
  • Configuring Multicast using IGMP version 1
  • Configuring Multicast using IGMP version 2
  • Configuring Multicast using IGMP-Proxy
  • Layer 3 Multicast (PIM) – Explanation
  • Configuring PIM Multicast on MikroTik RouterOS
  • Understanding PIM Bootstrap and RP Candidates
  • Configuring PIM with BSR and RP Candidates
  • Configuring the IGMP Snooping on a MikroTik Switch

To be able to follow this course, you should be familiar with MikroTik and have at least MTCNA level.

Finally, if you want to know how to configure Multicast correctly on the MikroTik RouterOS, I advise you to join my course and by end of the course you will be able to run a smooth Multicast in your network.

Who this course is for:
  • Internet Service Providers using MikroTik RouterOS and interested in giving Multicast service to their customers
  • MikroTik engineers interested to learn how to run Multicast on MikroTik RouterOS
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