IoT Fundamentals: Networking Technologies, Protocols, and Use Cases for the Internet of Things by David Hanes

IoT Fundamentals – اینترنتِ اشیاء (Internet of Things ‪(IoT)‬) مفهومی جدید در دنیای فناوری و ارتباطات است. به صورت خلاصه “اینترنت اشیاء” فناوری مدرنی است که در آن برای هر موجودی (انسان، حیوان و یا اشیاء) قابلیت ارسال داده از طریق شبکه‌های ارتباطی، اعم از اینترنت یا اینترانت، فراهم می‌گردد. فرآیند ارسال داده‌ها در فناوری اینترنت اشیاء بدین ترتیب است که به سوژه‌ی مورد نظر یک شناسه‌ی یکتا و یک پروتکل اینترنتی (IP) تعلق می‌گیرد که داده‌های لازم را برای پایگاه داده‌‌ی مربوطه ارسال می‌کند. داده‌هایی که توسط ابزارهای مختلف از قبیل گوشی‌های تلفن همراه و انواع رایانه‌ها و تبلت‌ها قابل مشاهده خواهند بود.

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IoT Fundamentals: Networking Technologies, Protocols, and Use Cases for the Internet of Things by David Hanes

Copyright 2017
Pages: 576
Edition: 1st
List Price: $98.98
Publisher: Cisco Press
ISBN-10: 1-58714-456-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-58714-456-1

Today, billions of devices are Internet-connected, IoT standards and protocols are stabilizing, and technical professionals must increasingly solve real problems with IoT technologies. Now, five leading Cisco IoT experts present the first comprehensive, practical reference for making IoT work. IoT Fundamentals brings together knowledge previously available only in white papers, standards documents, and other hard-to-find sources—or nowhere at all.

The authors begin with a high-level overview of IoT and introduce key concepts needed to successfully design IoT solutions. Next, they walk through each key technology, protocol, and technical building block that combine into complete IoT solutions.

Building on these essentials, they present several detailed use cases, including manufacturing, energy, utilities, smart+connected cities, transportation, mining, and public safety. Whatever your role or existing infrastructure, you’ll gain deep insight what IoT applications can do, and what it takes to deliver them.

Fully covers the principles and components of next-generation wireless networks built with Cisco IOT solutions such as IEEE 802.11 (Wi-Fi), IEEE 802.15.4-2015 (Mesh), and LoRaWAN
Brings together real-world tips, insights, and best practices for designing and implementing next-generation wireless networks
Presents start-to-finish configuration examples for common deployment scenarios
Reflects the extensive first-hand experience of Cisco experts

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