Linux: A to Z Linux Networking Concepts – آموزش لینوکس: A تا Z مفاهیم شبکه لینوکس

Linux: A to Z Linux Networking Concepts – لینوکس در مقام یک سیستم عامل، مجموعه ای از کدهاست که وظیفه ارتباط برنامه ها و نهایتا کاربر را با سخت افزار برعهده دارد. به صورت کلی، همه توزیع های لینوکس بر پایه هسته اصلی آن یا کرنل (Kernel) بنا شده اند که نرم افزارهای رایگان (Free Software) با آن تلفیق شده و نسخه کامل یا همان توزیع را تشکیل می دهند. به عبارت دیگر لینوکس ترکیبی از هسته اصلی و تعدادی از نرم افزار رایگان یا متن باز دیگر است که در کنار هم این سیستم عامل را تشکیل داده اند و کاربر می تواند به راحتی از سرورهای اصلی این توزیع (Repository) نرم افزارهای جانبی آن را لیست کرده و موارد دلخواه خود را بر روی هسته اصلی نصب نماید.

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Learning Path: Linux: A to Z Linux Networking Concepts

by Tanmayee Patil – Curator
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Release Date: May 2017
ISBN: 9781788472210


Video Description

Level up your Linux network administration skills

In Detail

Linux can be configured as a network workstation, a DNS server, a mail server, a firewall, a gateway router, and many other things. Network administration is one of the main tasks of a Linux administrator. In this Learning Path, you will begin with configuring and deploying several network services including files, Web, mails, and servers. You will then learn how to enable NAT on the router in order to allow Internet access from the network.

Going ahead, you will learn to configure Samba to centralize authentication for your network service and Linux client to leverage it for authentication. Finally, you will have a network with a number of services running on it, and will implement monitoring in order to detect problems as they occur. By the end of this Learning Path, you will learn to build, maintain, and secure a computer network using Linux.

Prerequisites: You need to have prior experience of how a Linux machine operates. You should also be familiar with setting up a Linux server and how to install additional software.

Linux: A to Z Linux Networking Concepts

Resources: Code downloads and errata:

Linux Networking Solutions – Part 1
Linux Networking Solutions – Part 2


This path navigates across the following products (in sequential order):

Linux Networking Solutions – Part 1 (1h 58m)
Linux Networking Solutions – Part 2 (2h 4m)

(Linux: A to Z Linux Networking)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 : Linux Networking Solutions – Part 1

The Course Overview 00:04:40
Setting Up the Physical Network 00:02:21
Configuring IPv4 00:02:54
Configuring IPv4 Permanently 00:02:24
Connecting Two Networks 00:05:26
Enabling NAT to the Outside 00:04:49
Setting Up DHCP 00:06:03
Setting Up a Firewall with iptables 00:02:53
Setting Up Port Forwarding 00:02:21
Adding VLAN Tagging 00:05:15
Setting Up Your System to Talk to a nameserver 00:04:24
Setting Up a Local Recursive Resolver 00:05:00

(Linux: A to Z Linux Networking)

Configuring Dynamic DNS on Your Local Network 00:04:43
Setting Up a nameserver for Your Public Domain 00:04:40
Setting Up a Slave nameserver 00:03:41
Setting Up an IPv6 Tunnel Via Hurricane Electric 00:04:59
Using ip6tables to Firewall Your IPv6 Traffic 00:02:59
Route an IPv6 netblock to Your Local Network 00:03:10
Installing OpenSSH 00:06:54
Using OpenSSH as a Basic Shell Client 00:02:21
Using OpenSSH to Forward Defined Ports 00:03:24
Using OpenSSH as a SOCKS Proxy 00:02:13
Using OpenVPN 00:06:36
Configuring Apache with TLS 00:05:10
Improving Scaling with the Worker MPM 00:05:05
Setting Up PHP Using an Apache Module 00:02:35
Securing Your Web Applications Using mod_security 00:03:03
Configuring NGINX with TLS 00:03:33
Setting Up PHP in NGINX with FastCGI 00:04:48

Chapter 2 : Linux Networking Solutions – Part 2

The Course Overview 00:03:32
Configuring Samba as an Active Directory Compatible Directory Service 00:06:09
Joining a Linux Box to the Domain 00:03:45
Serving Files with SMB/CIFS through Samba 00:02:28
Granting Authenticated Access 00:01:48
Setting Up an NFS Server 00:05:35
Configuring WebDAV through Apache 00:08:53
Configuring Postfix to Send and Receive E-mail 00:04:38
Setting Up DNS Records for E-mail Delivery 00:03:00Configuring IMAP 00:02:39
Configuring Authentication for Outbound E-mail 00:03:27
Configuring Postfix to Support TLS 00:01:34
Blocking Spam with Greylisting 00:04:06
Filtering Spam with SpamAssassin 00:03:23
Installing ejabberd 00:09:49
Configuring DNS for XMPP 00:02:25
Configuring the Pidgin Client 00:05:11
Installing Nagios 00:01:50
Adding Nagios Users 00:03:11
Adding Nagios Hosts 00:02:20

(Linux: A to Z Linux Networking)

Monitoring Services 00:02:24
Defining Commands 00:01:45
Monitoring Via NRPE 00:03:24
Monitoring Via SNMP 00:02:39
Detecting Systems on Your Network with NMAP 00:03:20
Detecting Systems Using Arp-Scan 00:02:06
Scanning TCP Ports 00:02:32
Scanning UDP Ports 00:03:02
Identifying Services 00:01:10
Identifying Operating Systems 00:02:07
Setting Up Centralized Logging 00:05:06
Installing a Snort IDS 00:04:53
Managing Your Snort Rules 00:03:42
Managing Snort Logging 00:06:06

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