Deploying SharePoint 2019 – نصب و پیکربندی و بهینه سازی شیرپوینت 2019

دانلود کتاب نصب، پیکربندی و بهینه سازی شیرپوینت 2019

کتاب Deploying SharePoint 2019, بیشترین تمرکز خود را بر روی ابزار مناسب جهت کارهای تیمی, ثبت تجربیات کاربری به وسیله تمامی دستگاه‌ها، نحوه طراحی یک معماری فیزیکی برای SharePoint Server 2019 و روشهای جدید و نوینی جهت چگونگی اتصال و ادغام شیرپوینت ابری (on cloud) با شیرپوینت نصب شده بر روی شبکه های شرکتی (on-premises), آشنا شدن با مفاهیم کلیدی در دسترس بودن (HA) و بازیابی فاجعه (DR)، نحوه نصب و پیکربندی و بهینه سازی شیرپوینت سرور 2019، نحوه کار با ابزارهای جدید مانند Flow، PowerApps و Power BI، نحوه پیکربندی سیستم های متصل به شیرپوینت، مانند Office Online Server و Workflow Manager، روش های مهاجرت از نسخه های قبلی شیرپوینت به نسخه جدید شیرپوینت 2019 آموزش داده می شود.

لینک دانلود کتاب نصب و پیکربندی و بهینه سازی شیرپوینت 2019 – Deploying SharePoint 2019 -Installing, Configuring, and Optimizing for On-Premises and Hybrid Scenarios


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Date: 2019
Price: 26,99 €
Publisher: Apress
ISBN: 978-1-4842-4526-2
Included format: EPUB, PDF
Authors: Catrinescu, Vlad, Seward, Trevor

About this book

Update to a version of SharePoint that offers the best of both on-premise and the cloud using SharePoint 2019, the latest release of this cornerstone technology from Microsoft. Don your technical learning hat to get up close and confident on the new time-saving modern features of on-premise, and the many new security and hybrid settings.

Deploying SharePoint 2019 begins with a general introduction to SharePoint 2019, covering new features and expanding your knowledge and capability with the technology systematically. You will learn about the new world of SharePoint, and how it was “cloud-born” from Office 365. From there you will dive into learning how to design a physical architecture for SharePoint Server 2019 and get familiar with the key concepts of high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solutions.

What You’ll Learn

Install, configure, and optimize SharePoint 2019
Understand SharePoint 2019 as a hybrid framework
Get comfortable with new tools, such as Flow, PowerApps, and Power BI
Configure systems connected to SharePoint, such as Office Online Server and Workflow Manager
Migrate content and service databases from previous versions of SharePoint to SharePoint 2019
Implement HA and DR topologies with SharePoint 2019 to satisfy business continuity requirements

Who This Book Is For

Those tasked with installing, configuring, and maintaining SharePoint Server 2019 for their organization. This book assumes some working knowledge of a previous release of SharePoint Server, such as SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016.

Table of contents (19 chapters)

Introduction to SharePoint 2019 Pages 1-12
Designing a Physical Architecture Pages 13-36
Installing SharePoint Server 2019 Pages 37-101
Configuring Authentication and Security Pages 103-124
Configuring Add-ins Pages 125-149
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