Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019 – دانلود شیرپوینت سرور

در SharePoint Server 2019 , مایکروسافت بیشترین تمرکز خود را بر روی ابزار مناسب جهت کارهای تیمی , ثبت تجربیات کاربری به وسیله تمامی دستگاه‌ها , و روشهای جدید و نوینی جهت چگونگی اتصال و ادغام شیرپوینت ابری (on cloud) با شیرپوینت نصب شده بر روی شبکه های شرکتی (on-premises), گذاشته است. شیرپوینت سرور 2019 پیشرفت ها و قابلیت های جدید را در سه حوزه عمده ارائه می دهد:

  • تجارب مدرن, بصری و شناخته شده کاربر که براساس سرمایه‌گذاری در SharePoint آنلاین
  • راه‌های جدید برای تعامل با محتوا در سرتاسر مرورگرها و دستگاه‌ها
  • اضافه شدن قابلیت های افزایش قدرت , امنیت و سازگاری متناسب با نیازهای رو به رشد سازمان

لینک دانلود شیرپوینت سرور – Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019


حجم : 1.21 گيگابايت

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رمز فايل:

SharePoint Server 2019 (x64) – DVD Englsih
Release Date: 2018-10-23
VLSC File Name: SW_DVD5_SharePoint_Server_2019_64Bit_English_MLF_X21-88177.ISO
MSDN File Name: en_sharepoint_server_2019_x64_dvd_68e34c9e.iso
SHA1: c46074d675317ee892a8422b647f688cfb9098d1

What’s in SharePoint Server 2019

New user experiences

More than ever, how people interact with technology is much more than just “look and feel.” Great experiences are those that both look great and work flawlessly, entertain and engage, with rich, contextual, and relevant content. The improvements to the SharePoint Server 2019 user experiences are those that are easy to use, and ensure reliability, performance, and security under real-world pressures of scale and complexity.

Modern sites

Sites have always been at the heart of collaboration with SharePoint. They connect your team with the content, the information and the apps you rely on and they enable sharing and communication within the team and across the organization.

The modern experience is designed to be compelling, flexible, mobile, and easier to use. It is available in SharePoint

In SharePoint Server 2019 you’ll find a modern team site experience, with an engaging home page personalized by the power of SharePoint search.

Modern pages

SharePoint Server 2019 includes modern site pages, using modern pages is a great way to share ideas using images, Excel, Word and PowerPoint documents, embed video content, and more. You can create and publish modern pages quickly and easily, and they look great on any device.

Modern pages provide a fast, easy way to build responsive pages using the functionality of modern web parts. Pages are similar to classic web part pages and publishing pages, but are less structured and easier to create.

 Modern lists

SharePoint lists provide individual and teams the ability to access, share, and collaborate around structured data and to bring information from other systems into SharePoint to support business process.  SharePoint Server 2019 introduces a modern list experience that simplifies how people create, curate, and interact with information with a rich set of capabilities that work across devices and browsers.

Modern libraries

Helping people share files and collaborate on content has always been central to SharePoint. SharePoint Server 2019 provides a better experience for document libraries that’s faster, more intuitive and responsive with modern document libraries.

Modern document libraries combine the power of SharePoint with OneDrive usability – modern document libraries have an updated user interface that offers an experience similar to OneDrive, so it’s more intuitive to create a new folder and upload files in the browser.

Communication sites

SharePoint Server 2019 has always been at the core of collaboration – people working together on files, lists, and libraries.  SharePoint Server 2019 embraces and provides a new generation of the mobile and intelligent intranet, allowing you to communicate to people throughout your organization with beautiful, dynamic, mobile-ready communication sites and pages that keep everyone informed and engaged.

 OneDrive for Business

SharePoint Server 2019 provides improved mobile access to content, people, and applications along with engaging and responsive experiences across devices and screen sizes. It makes file storage and document collaboration more people-centric with new support for the latest generation of sync clients with OneDrive for Business.

SharePoint Mobile

The intranet is the nerve center of many organizations. It provides content-centric collaborative spaces that give teams the resources they need to work together. It lets users consume and contribute news and information within their teams and across the organization. It manages knowledge and connects users to content through navigation and search. It hosts applications that support and automate business processes.

SharePoint Server 2019 makes your intranet more accessible on the go, more intelligent, and more personalized, based on your activities across sites, the people you work with, the content you work on and the business processes you drive.

Large File Support, Character Restrictions, and File/Folder Names

The world of collaboration has changed, text-based files are shifting to modern media, videos, audio, and more.  SharePoint Server 2019 provides support for uploading files up to 15GB.

Files are as unique as the people who create them.  SharePoint Server 2019 delivers support for a broad array of types and naming conventions to include support for # and % as supported characters in file and folder names across document libraries in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.

This will allow people to create, store, and sync files containing # and % characters whether those characters are used as a prefix or suffix to the file or folder name. In addition, SharePoint Server 2019 increases the URL path length restrictions from 260 Unicode code units to 400.

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