SharePoint 2016: Architecture, Deployment and Security – شیرپوینت 2016: معماری، نصب و امنیت

مایکروسافت شیرپوینت یک پلت فرم نرم افزاری است که فرایند همکاری بین تیم ها، جوامع و سازمان های کوچک و بزرگ را ساده می کند. این پلتفرم به این گروه ها کمک می کند تا با هم کار کنند، کارهای ساده ای را انجام دهند و زمان، اسناد و سایر منابع را با ادغام Microsoft Office و Workflow برای افزایش فرآیندهای کسب و کار به کار گیرند. به کمک شیرپوینت می توان محتوای سازمان را متمرکز کرده و این نرم افزار بسیاری از روش های احراز هویت را پشتیبانی می کند. رویکردی که برای تکمیل این دوره استفاده شد، شامل ترکیب درسهایی از نسخه های قبلی شیرپوینت گرفته شده و با برخی از تجربه های واقعی شیرپوینت 2016 ترکیب شده است.

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Video Details
ISBN 13 9781788298506
Lewin Wanzer
Packt Publishing
Friday, August 31, 2018
Course Length 4 hours 9 minutes

Table of Contents
Diving into the New and Improved Features
Infrastructure – The New Frontier
Performance and Compliance Management

Video Description
Microsoft’s SharePoint is a seasoned collaboration platform that brings teams, communities, and small and large organizations together. The platform helps these groups to work together, streamline workloads, and manage time, documents, and other resources by the integration of Microsoft Office and Workflow to enhance business processes. The product is available for on premise installations and has many purchase options for the cloud.

SharePoint centralizes an organization’s content and supports many types of authentication method. Securing and sharing content within the platform is easy and SharePoint provides you with other features to secure content on deeper levels to provide policy-driven security.

SharePoint 2016: Architecture, Deployment and Security

This course was created as part of a thought process based on real-world experiences, best practices, and taking those experiences out in the field. It provides you with information on gaps and missed areas found in those visits when working with customers to help them revive a broken farm or deploy a successful SharePoint platform. We took this approach so that the level of understanding and learning you’ll gain will support many in-place and future deployments.

Style and Approach
The approach used to complete this course involved combining lessons learned from prior SharePoint versions and with some real-world experience of SharePoint 2016. We gathered all these experiences and came up with a course that helps you understand the gaps, gives you shortcut tips, and presents them in an easy to understand video. The presentation also includes illustrative examples and clear explanations of topics. This course will help you overcome obstacles using language everyone can understand but also teaches you the technology buzzwords you need to know and their meanings. This course was made for you to be successful with SharePoint 2016 as a beginner or advanced SharePoint professional!
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What You Will Learn
Hands on SharePoint 2016 feature updates and how they are different from previous
versions of SharePoint.
Delve into new features within SharePoint 2016.
Learn about the new SharePoint 2016 infrastructure and topology methods.
Learn how to deploy SharePoint 2016 to on-premise and Azure servers.
Delve into how to deploy and configure hybrid solutions using SharePoint 2016.
Configure authentication in SharePoint 2016.

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