Mastering IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting

دانلود ویدئو آموزشی آدرس دهی و سابنتینگ IPv4 و IPv6

دوره Mastering IPv4 & IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting  ویژه دانشجویان شبکه می باشد که قصد یادگیری آدرس دهی IPv4 و IPv6 را دارند. یکی از پیچیده ترین و چالش برانگیزترین موضوعاتی که به شبکه مربوط می شود مفهوم Subnettting، Supernetting و VLSM است. این دوره به شما به شما کمک می کند که درک کاملی از نسخه جدید آدرس دهی IPv6 و فرمت آدرس دهی IPv6 و نحوه مدیریت اختصاص آدرس دهی IPv6 به دستگاه های از جمله SLAAC را فرا بگیرید.

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Date: 2/2019
Created by: Khawar Butt
Language: English
Publisher: udemy
price: €19.99

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Networking
IPv4 Address Classes
IPv4 Private Addresses.
IPv4 Fixed Length Subnet Masking
IPv4 Variable Length Subnet Masking
IPv4 Supernetting
IPv6 Address Types
IPv6 Subnetting
IPv6 Address Assignments using SLAAC & Manual Mechanism


Basic Computer Understanding


This course introduces students to the field of Networking with an emphasis on IPv4 and IPv6 addressing. One of the most complicated and challenging topic as you go into the field of networking is the concept of Subnettting, Supernetting & VLSM. This course will make the topic easy to undertsand . After the course, you should be able to not only configure subnetting with ease, but also have complete control over more intimidating but practical assignment of IP Addresses using Variable Length Subnet Masks.

This course will also give you a complete understanding of the IPv6 addressing which is the new version of IP. You will understand the format of IPv6 addreses, the different types of IPv6 addresses. You will also be able to handle IPv6 subnetting, which is a topic that is generally not covered. You will also learn about the different ways to assign IPv6 addresses to devices including SLAAC.

Who this course is for:

Any Student that is thinking of going into any Networking or Security field.

Course content

21 lectures 14:13:01
+Introduction to Networking
3 lectures01:16:52
+Introduction to IPv4 Addressing
3 lectures02:02:46
+IPv4 Subnetting & Supernetting
6 lectures04:25:38
+IPv4 Variable Length Subnets Masks (VLSMs)
4 lectures03:12:38
+IPv6 Addressing
5 lectures03:15:07

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