GNS3 Certified Associate Exam Official Course (GNS3A) – دوره جامع آموزش جی ان اس 3: آزمون GNS3A

دانلود دوره آموزش جی ان اس 3 - آزمون GNS3A

دوره GNS3 Certified Associate Exam Official Course (GNS3A) محصول شرکت Udemy با بیش از 68 ساعت آموزش ویدئویی، یک دوره بسیار جامع جهت شرکت در آزمون و دریافت مدرک GNS3CA می باشد. در دوره آموزشی GNS3CA شما با نحوه نصب و ساخت شبکه های مجازی به کمک نرم افزار GNS3 و همچنین توضیح و توصیف معماری توابع موجود در هسته GNS3، شناسایی و رفع مشکلات نصب و راه اندازی نرم افزار جی ان اس3  (GNS3)، نحوه استفاده از برنامه های شبکه که از اسکریپت های اتوماسیون شبکه پایتون استفاده می کنند، پیاده سازی توپولوژی شبکه های SDN مبتنی بر OpenFlow در GNS3، بررسی موارد مربوط به آنسیبل و پایتون در نرم افزار جی ان اس 3 (GNS3) آشنا می شوید.

لینک دانلود ویدئو آموزشی GNS3 Certified Associate Exam Official Course (GNS3A)


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This course includes

Price: €49.99
Video: 68 hours on-demand
Language: English
Created by: David Bombal
Last updated: 5/2019​

What you’ll learn

Pass the GNS3 Certified Associate Exam
Learn network programmability with GNS3 and Python


Basic Networking Knowledge (CCNA Level)
Basic understanding of GNS3

This is the official GNS3 Certified Associate course. This course covers the topics you need to know to pass the GNS3CA Exam. The GNS3 Certified Associate (GNS3CA) program is a multi-vendor, next generation network engineer certification that focuses on the core skills that network engineers need today for the new era of rapidly changing, programmable, automated and intelligent networks.

In today’s rapidly changing networking environment where billions of IoT devices are being added to the Internet every year, it is no longer enough for network engineers to simply configure network devices manually via a Command Line Interface (CLI). Network engineer skill-sets need to diversify to include network programmability and automation skills such as Ansible and Python, programmable APIs, Open Networking technologies, virtualization, Linux and support of multi-vendor environments.

The GNS3CA program will prepare you to have the knowledge and training to:

  • Install and build virtual networks using GNS3 with knowledge of multiple vendors and protocols
  • Explain and describe GNS3 core functions and architecture
  • Identify and troubleshoot GNS3 installation and configuration issues
  • Program networks using Python network automation scripts
  • Implement OpenFlow based SDN networks within GNS3 topologies
  • Implement Docker based appliances within GNS3 topologies
  • Describe DevOps terms such as Data Formats, APIs, REST, NETCONF and others
  • Program networks using Ansible network automation scripts
  • Install and configure Linux based virtual machines and core Linux functions
  • Install, configure and troubleshoot hypervisors such as VMware Workstation, ESXi, QEMU and VirtualBox
  • Troubleshoot basic network issues

Course content 699 lectures 67:59:44

+Welcome 6 lectures01:04:15
+GNS3 Installation and configuration 10 lectures01:29:28
+GNS3 installation in the cloud 5 lectures31:27
+GNS3 installation on ESXi 2 lectures20:56
+GNS3 Installation: VMware Player 2 lectures22:02
+GNS3 Preferences & VMware settings 1 lecture05:10
+GNS3 Installation on Mac OS 1 lecture12:28
+Upgrading Docker Containers in GNS3 1 lecture12:18
+GNS3 2.X Architecture 2 lectures14:47
+GNS3 Version 2.0 updates 11 lectures01:10:46
+GNS3 2.1 4 lectures26:29 +GNS3 GUI Part 1 Workspace and others 5 lectures05:42
+GNS3 GUI Part 2: Projects 2 lectures07:40
+GNS3 GUI GNS3 GUI Part 3: More GUI Options & demonstrations 6 lectures10:30
+GNS3 REST API 5 lectures41:26
+VMware Questions and Issues 2 lectures12:24
+GNS3 Questions: What can I do? 2 lectures13:30
+Multiple GNS3 Servers 1 lecture10:44
+Multiple GNS3 Servers and a single GNS3 GUI 2 lectures19:10
+Packet Tracer vs GNS3 vs VIRL vs Physical Equipment 6 lectures45:41
+VIRL image downloads 2 lectures21:39
+Cisco VIRL Options 2 lectures15:55
+Network Operating Systems 2 lectures15:32
+GNS3 Switching Options 6 lectures01:11:25
+GNS3 Appliance: Cisco ASAv 1 lecture15:59
+GNS3 Applaince: ASAv and ASDM 5 lectures49:06
+Cisco VIRL ASA 9.7.1 1 lecture13:10
+GNS3 Appliance: IOSvL2 1 lecture08:06
+GNS3 Appliance: IOSv 1 lecture10:59
+GNS3 Appliance: Cisco IOS-XR 3 lectures22:15
+GNS3 Appliance: Cisco Nexus 2 lectures18:59
+GNS3 Appliance: Cisco CSR 1000v 2 lectures14:29
+GNS3 Appliance: Nexus9k 2 lectures11:52
+GNS3 Appliance: VPCS – lightweight PCs 3 lectures10:32
+GNS3 Appliance: Network Automation Appliance 3 lectures26:09
+GNS3 Appliance: ipterm 3 lectures22:41
+GNS3 Appliance: HPE VSR 2 lectures20:18
+GNS3 Appliance: Arista 2 lectures19:10
+GNS3 Appliance: Juniper SRX appliance 5 lectures47:04
+GNS3 Appliance: Juniper SRX 17.3 appliance 2 lectures27:13
+GNS3 Appliance: Ubuntu Desktop QEMU Appliance 1 lecture11:51
+GNS3 Appliance: Windows GNS3 QEMU appliance 2 lectures21:39
+GNS3 Appliance: Windows Server QEMU Appliance 1 lecture10:32
+Mac OS: Chicken of the VNC 2 lectures16:19
+Router on a stick (IOS router and GNS3 Layer 2 switch) 4 lectures10:02
+Cisco Etherswitch Service module (Layer 2 switching) 9 lectures25:23
+GNS3 Appliance: Frame Relay switch 3 lectures12:30
+Cisco IOS router as a Frame Relay switch 2 lectures08:46
+GNS3 Appliance: The Cloud: Connect GNS3 to the Internet and enable NAT 5 lectures18:31
+GNS3 Cloud Device – Connect your GNS3 topology to the physical network 3 lectures22:15
+GNS3 Appliance: Cumulus Linux 3 lectures30:59
+GNS3, Python and Regular Expressions 4 lectures42:39
+Python 3 Course Contents form HERE: 1 lecture03:49
+Quick Start Guide to Network Automation 11 lectures01:17:24
+Netmiko: Use SSH for Network Automation 9 lectures50:52
+NAPALM 7 lectures26:50
+NAPALM and BGP 6 lectures20:29
+Use NAPALM for device configuration audit and changes (P75) 5 lectures16:05
+Iteration Examples: Netmiko scripts 8 lectures43:11
+Netmiko Scaling 5 lectures30:46
+Python Theory 5 lectures13:14
+Python Theory: Objects, Variables and Data Types 8 lectures24:11
+Python Theory: Numbers 10 lectures26:28
+Python Theory: Strings 19 lectures45:19
+Get version information from a switch 22 lectures56:33
+Python Theory: Comparisons 4 lectures11:42
+Python Theory: Lists 13 lectures41:17
+Python Theory: Code Structures 2 lectures04:59
+Python Theory: if / else / elseif logic 3 lectures19:30
+Python Theory: While Loops 5 lectures15:56
+Python Theory: For Loops 3 lectures07:47
+Python Theory: Ranges 2 lectures07:36
+Python Theory: Dictionaries 5 lectures15:54
+Python Theory: Functions 6 lectures24:19
+Python- Everything you need to know to become a developer Contents from HERE: 3 lectures17:26
+Module 1: Kick start your Python knowledge 4 lectures25:05
+Module 2:Lists, For Loop, Reading Files 5 lectures28:07
+Module 3: Formatted Output, Splitting Strings 4 lectures31:24
+Module 4: Nested Data Structures, While Loops 8 lectures54:44
+Module 5: Functions and Modules 5 lectures46:15
+Module 6: Miscellaneous Extra Stuff 2 lectures23:16
+Thank you and further learning 1 lecture04:47
+Hank Preston Interviews 23 lectures09:08:14
+Hank Preston: NetDevOps 3 lectures00:13
+Chuck Black Interviews 8 lectures02:27:39
+Course layout 1 lecture00:42
+Why should you learn Linux? 6 lectures30:00
+GNS3 Linux Networks Part 1 10 lectures42:23
+Linux Fundamentals: Which Linux distro? 3 lectures10:16
+Linux Fundamentals: Text Editors 5 lectures19:30
+Linux Fundamentals 5 lectures22:25
+Linux Fundamentals: File Systems 5 lectures25:56
+Linux Fundamentals: Files, tools, owners, permissions 4 lectures18:54
+Linux Fundamentals: Copy, move, delete 3 lectures12:56
+Linux Fundamentals: Users, Groups, Passwords 9 lectures32:13
+Linux Fundamentals: Permissions 5 lectures22:42
+Processes 2 lectures07:06
+Linux Fundamentals: Software Installation 2 lectures05:56
+Put Linux to Work: TFTP Server 3 lectures12:38
+Put Linux to work: DNS Server 4 lectures14:52
+Put Linux to work: DHCP Server 3 lectures09:50
+Put Linux to work: Linux Switch 1 lecture04:58
+GNS3, Docker, Open vSwitch, SDN, OpenDaylight and OpenFlow 14 lectures01:52:07
+GNS3 Setup 15 lectures01:54:50
+SDN Course Contents from HERE: SDN Terms and Definitions 8 lectures47:18
+SDN Fundamentals: OpenFlow Theory – Part 1 11 lectures47:26
+SDN Fundamentals: OpenFlow Theory – Part 2 11 lectures41:31
+SDN Fundamentals: OpenFlow Theory – Part 3 4 lectures12:23
+SDN Fundamentals: OpenFlow Theory – Part 4 9 lectures27:02
+Mininet and OpenDaylight (ODL) 24 lectures51:06
+Cisco OFM App and ODL 2 lectures26:59
+OpenFlow Theory 3 lectures26:05
+APIC-EM (Path Trace and ACL Trace) 5 lectures38:26
+OVS and NETCONF 2 lectures15:01
+Zodiac FX 12 lectures58:57
+Raspberry Pi 6 lectures19:02
+Microsoft Skype SDN API 6 lectures24:36
+RYU Controller (used by the NSA) 13 lectures19:19 +OpenFlow Messages 1 lecture05:12
+Wireshark OpenFlow Captures Part 1 10 lectures15:26
+Wireshark OpenFlow Captures Part 2 6 lectures10:49
+Wireshark OpenFlow Captures Part 3 5 lectures09:30
+ODL and Mininet 4 lectures39:59
+What happens when a controller fails? 3 lectures22:31
+Physical switch examples 7 lectures26:40
+Overlay SDN Solutions (Network Virtualization) Introduction Contents from HERE 1 lecture03:14
+Analogous Overlay Networks 2 lectures12:58
+Paul and Peter (Server versus Network) 3 lectures17:30
+Demo – Nuage Networks VSP 11 lectures57:25
+VMware NSX 1 lecture02:46
+Ansible for Network Engineers: Quick Start GNS3 & Ansible Contents from HERE: 4 lectures14:36
+Ansible Quick Start: Ad hoc commands 6 lectures27:39
+Ansible Quick Start: Raw Playbooks and Cisco IOS Command module Playbooks 5 lectures16:59
+Ansible Quick Start: Ansible CLI Playbook 4 lectures24:27
+Ansible Quick Start: Playbooks and Cisco IOS Config module 5 lectures28:48
+Cumulus Linux and Ansible Automation 15 lectures25:41

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