CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Study Guide: Exam CWSP-205, 2nd Edition کتاب راهنمای آموزش حرفه ای امنیت وایرلس

CWSP مخفف Certified Wireless Security Professional و نام مدرک سطح Professional شبکه‌های بی سیم در تخصص امنیت است، با توجه به آنکه خطرپذیری شبکه بی سیم نسبت به شبکه‌های سیمی بیشتر است، امنیت در شبکه‌های بی سیم اهمیت بیشتری پیدا کرده‌است. این دوره یکی از دوره های مورد نیاز جهت کسب مدرک CWNP است که از سوی شرکت Planet 3 صادر می گردد . این مدرک نشان دهنده کسب دانش فنی متقاضی در درک مفاهیم ، راه اندازی و عیب یابی شبکه های wireless مبتنی بر تکنولوژی 802.11 می باشد.

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CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional Study Guide: Exam CWSP-205, 2nd Edition

Author: Bryan E. Harkins, David A. Westcott, David D. Coleman
Length: 696 pages
Edition: 2
Language: English
Publisher: Sybex
Publication Date: 2016-09-26
ISBN-10: 1119211085
ISBN-13: 9781119211082

CWSP: Certified Wireless Security Professional Study Guide offers comprehensive preparation for the CWSP-205 exam. Fully updated to align with the new 2015 exam, this guide covers all exam objectives and gives you access to the Sybex interactive online learning system so you can go into the test fully confident in your skills. Coverage includes WLAN discovery, intrusion and attack, 802.11 protocol analysis, wireless intrusion prevention system implementation, Layer 2 and 3 VPN over 802.11 networks, managed endpoint security systems, and more. Content new to this edition features discussions about BYOD and guest access, as well as detailed and insightful guidance on troubleshooting. With more than double the coverage of the “official” exam guide, plus access to interactive learning tools, this book is your ultimate solution for CWSP-205 exam prep.

The CWSP is the leading vendor-neutral security certification administered for IT professionals, developed for those working with and securing wireless networks. As an advanced certification, the CWSP requires rigorous preparation — and this book provides more coverage and expert insight than any other source.

  • Learn the ins and outs of advanced network security
  • Study 100 percent of CWSP-205 objectives
  • Test your understanding with two complete practice exams
  • Gauge your level of preparedness with a pre-test assessment

The CWSP is a springboard for more advanced certifications, and the premier qualification employers look for in the field. If you’ve already earned the CWTS and the CWNA, it’s time to take your career to the next level. CWSP: Certified Wireless Security Professional Study Guide is your ideal companion for effective, efficient CWSP-205 preparation.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: WLAN Security Overview
Chapter 2: Legacy 802.11 Security
Chapter 3: Encryption Ciphers and Methods
Chapter 4: 802.1X/EAP Authentication
Chapter 5: 802.11 Layer 2 Dynamic Encryption Key Generation
Chapter 6: PSK Authentication
Chapter 7: 802.11 Fast Secure Roaming
Chapter 8: WLAN Security Infrastructure
Chapter 9: RADIUS and LDAP
Chapter 10: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Guest Access
Chapter 11: Wireless Security Troubleshooting
Chapter 12: Wireless Security Risks
Chapter 13: Wireless LAN Security Auditing
Chapter 14: Wireless Security Monitoring
Chapter 15: Wireless Security Policies
Appendix A: Answers to Review Questions
Appendix B: Abbreviations and Acronyms

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