Learning Practical Network Scanning – آموزش عملی اسکن شبکه

Network Scanning یا اسکن کردن شبکه یکی از موارد بسیار با اهمیت در فرایند ارزیابی برای شناسایی نود های فعال، مهاجم ها یا ارزیابی امنیتی در شبکه می باشد، این روش نقش بسیار حیاتی در کاهش خطر ریسک را بازی می کند. این دوره با مفهوم اسکن شبکه شروع می شود و فوایید این روش برای یک سازمان مورد ارزیابی قرار میگیرد. در ادامه به کمک نرم افزار های مثل Nmap, Nessus, OpenVAS با تکنیک های مختلف به اسکن شبکه ، مانند: پورت، فایروال، تشخیص پورت TCP/IP، نوع سیستم عامل، و غیره بررسی میشود.

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ISBN 139781788831741
Andrew Crouthamel
Friday, April 13, 2018
Course Length 2 hours and 33 minutes

Video Description
Network scanning is the process of assessing a network to identify active host network, either an attacker or a medium for security assessment. This procedure plays an extremely vital role in risk assessment programs or while preparing a security plan for your organization.

Learning Practical Network Scan

This course starts with the concept of network scanning and how an organization can benefit from it. Then we delve into different scanning techniques such as port and firewall detection, TCP/IP port detection, OS detection, and so on. We also implement these concepts using a few of the most prominent tools on the market such as Nmap, Nessus, and OpenVAS.

By the end of this course, you will have hands-on experience in performing network scanning using different tools and choosing the best tool for your system.

Style and Approach
A practical course that will help you perform real network scans using a variety of common security software. Step by step, you’ll master the security landscape and how scans work.

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Network Scanning

What You Will Learn
Get an introduction to network security and why network scanning is useful
Learn about three of the most widely used scanning software packages in the industry
Identify targets and perform network scans
Determine open ports, application versions, and operating systems
Analyze reports from scanning software and determine whether there are vulnerabilities

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