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نرم‌افزار Microsoft SQL Server یک DBMS (مخفف Database Management System) یا به عبارتی سامانه‌ی مدیریت پایگاه داده‌ است که توسط کمپانی مایکروسافت ارائه شده و با در اختیار قرار دادن امکانات بی نظیر جهت ایجاد ، مدیریت و نگه داری اطلاعات در قالب پایگاه داده به کاربر ، توانسته سهم قابل توجهی از بازار را دد دست خود بگیرد. این ابزار، محیط کاملی را برای ذخیره، مدیریت و بازیابی داده‌ها و اطلاعات براساس درخواست نرم‌افزارهای مختلف فراهم می‌کند که از مدل خدمات‌دهنده/خدمات‌گیرنده (Client/Server) تبعیت می‌کند؛ در این حالت، درخواست‌های کلاینت‌ها برای سرور ارسال و توسط آن بررسی و آنالیز می‌گردد.

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Packt Publishing SQL Server 2016 Advanced Security and Administration

ISBN 139781787124240
Steve Jones
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
Duration: 2h 14m
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Video Description

SQL Server is a complex and feature rich platform that can requires knowledge and practice to extract optimum performance from an instance. This course will assist a database administrator in understanding the advanced security features that protect data within databases. You will also gain an advanced understanding in how to examine the activity on your system and better tune the database code to run efficiently.

In SQL Server 2016 Advanced Security and Administration, we go beyond the basics of managing and securing a SQL Server instance. This course will look at the complex world of encryption and how you can enable this to protect data at rest as well as inside the database. Learn about Always Encrypted, where the data is always protected outside of the client system. The course will show how Dynamic Data Masking and Row-Level Security can be used to ensure that your clients only view the data they should be allowed to view. Since performance is important to all clients, the course covers the ways in which an administrator can determine what activity is taking place on a database through Extended Events and how to analyse and improve performance of queries using execution plans and the Query Store.

In the end you will learn how to ensure predictable performance by analysing activity to find any performance problem, use detailed execution plans to tune query code, and use Query Store to prevent plan regressions.

Style and Approach

This course will consist of explanations of each feature along with demonstrations that enable the viewer to understand how to use each feature.

Table of Contents
Advanced Security Features
Extended Events
Execution Plans and the Query Store

SQL Server 2016 Advanced Security and Administration

What You Will LearnLearn to enable and administer Always Encrypted to secure data on the network and inside the database.
Use Row-Level Security to selectively limit access to data by user.
Configure Dynamic Data Masking to obfuscate data consistently in your applications.
Enable encryption to protect data stored in SQL Server.
Create Extended Event sessions that capture the activity on your database
Analyze activity on your system to troubleshoot issues your clients experience.
Capture query execution plans to understand how the application is performing
Learn to read plans and tune the system based on the data clients need.
Enable the Query Store to track query activity over time
Force query plans with the Query Store that can help ensure predictable performance.

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