Beginning CentOS 7 Administration ویدئو مدیریت اولیه سنت او اس

سِنت‌اواِس (CentOS) توزیع لینوکسی مبتنی بر توزیع تجاری ردهت است که از طرف جامعهٔ کاربری حمایت و توسعه پیدا می‌کند. نام سنت اوس مخفف (Community ENTerprise Operating System) می‌باشد. بر اساس بررسی وب‌گاه web technology surveys در سال ۲۰۱۱ سنت اواس با بیش از ۳۰ ٪ سرور‌های لینوکس در رتبه اول بیش‌ترین لینوکس استفاده شده برای وبگاه‌ها قرار گرفت، این بررسی در سال ۲۰۱۲ میلادی سنت‌اوس را با سقوطی یک درصدی و فاصله ناچیزی قبل از توزیع دبیان در مقام دومین توزیع محبوب برای سرور‌های وب‌گاه‌ها قرار می‌دهد.

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 Beginning CentOS 7 Administration

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Beginning CentOS 7 Administration

Video Details
ISBN 139781788294973
Oliver Pelz
Friday, October 6, 2017
Course Length3 hours 27 minutes

Video Description
CentOS 7 is the brand new version of the CentOS Linux system. It is one of the most widely-used operating systems, being the choice of many organizations across the globe. Its consistent, manageable platform suits a variety of deployments. Being a predictable base to build upon, it covers extensive resources to build, test, release and maintain their code. In this course, you’ll set up a complete training laboratory using virtualization and see the possibilities with CentOS 7. You’ll start by learning how to install CentOS 7, see the benefits of it, download and confirm checksum on Windows or OS X, run a net installation over HTTP, and troubleshoot the system.

Then you’ll learn how to set up a full-blown Virtual box Training lab. You’ll learn to install and adjust machines to make them communicate and see how to reset the machine. Next, you’ll configure the system learning static network connection. Moving on, we’ll walk through managing the system and managing packages with Yum. You’ll then troubleshoot, configure, synchronize, and install packages and create repositories and packages. Finally, you’ll deep dive into administering the file system, where you’ll learn to create a virtual block, format, maintain, and extend the capacity of the filesystem.

Style and Approach
This engaging guide provides in-depth and comprehensive information on CentOS 7 in the easiest way to understand. All the concepts of Administration techniques are illustrated with real-world examples

Table of Contents
Installing CentOS 7
Setting up a Virtual Machine Training Lab
Begin Configuring Your CentOS 7 System
Managing Packages with YUM
Managing the System
Administering the File System

What You Will Learn
Install, configure, and set up the system for CentOS 7
Get acquainted with the Troubleshooting techniques in rescue mode
Perform various tasks with the YUM command
Get to grips in Managing your system
Administer the file system and create a virtual block
Format, maintain, and extend the capacity of the filesystem

Oliver Pelz

Oliver Pelz has more than 10 years’ experience as a software developer and system administrator. He graduated with a diploma degree in bioinformatics and is currently working at the German Cancer Research center in Heidelberg, where he has authored and co-authored several scientific publications in the field of Bioinformatics. As well as developing web applications and biological databases for his department and scientists all over the world, he administers a division-wide Linux-based datacenter and has set up two high-performance CentOS clusters for the analysis of high-throughput microscope and genome sequencing data. He loves writing code and riding his mountain bike in the Black Forest of Germany and has been an absolute Linux and open source enthusiast for many years. He has contributed to several open-source projects in the past and also worked as a reviewer on the CentOS High Performance book, Packt Publishing. He maintains an IT tech blog at

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