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Mastering Wireshark 2  – ابزاری است بس قدرتمند در تحلیل و آنالیز ترافیک و پروتکل های شبکه. به کمک Wireshark می توانیم ترافیک شبکه را Capture کنیم و درون ترافیک های در حال Capture شدن، به جستجو بپردازیم. ویژگی های عالی و یگانه وایرشارک و سادگی کار با آن باعث شده تا به پرطرفدارترین ابزار آنالیزگر ترافیک شبکه در بین متخصصین شبکه و امنیت تبدیل شود. Wireshark را می توان بر روی پلتفرم های Windows، OS X، Linux و UNIX اجر کرد. Wireshark به صورت رایگان و Open Source در دسترس است و می توانید آخرین نسخه آن را برای پلتفرم های گوناگون از سایت دانلود کنید. این برنامه به طور پیشفرض بر روی Kali Linux نصب است.

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ISBN 139781786463265
Course Length5 hours and 23 minutes

Video Description

Wireshark is a popular and powerful tool used to analyze the amount of bits and bytes that are flowing through a network. Wireshark deals with the second to seventh layer of network protocols, and the analysis made is presented in a human readable form. Through this video, you will gain expertise in securing your network using Wireshark 2. At the start of the video, you will be taught how to install Wireshark, and will be introduced to its interface so you understand all its functionalities. Moving forward, you will discover different ways to create and use capture and display filters. Halfway through the video, you’ll be mastering the features of Wireshark, analyzing different layers of the network protocol, and looking for any anomalies. You will also learn about plugins and APIs. As you reach to the end of the course, you will be taught how to use Wireshark for network security analysis and configure it for troubleshooting purposes.

Style and Approach

This step-by-step tutorial on Wireshark 2 starts with capturing and filtering traffic and follows with analysis and statistics, as well as all the new features of Wireshark 2.
Table of Contents
Installation and Setup
Getting Started
Filtering Traffic
Introductory Analysis
Network Protocol Analysis
Application Protocol Analysis I
Application Protocol Analysis II
Command Line Tools
Troubleshooting Scenario

What You Will Learn

Understand what network and protocol analysis is, and how it can help you
Use Wireshark to capture packets in your network
Filter captured traffic to only show what you need
Find out about useful statistics displays to make it easier to diagnose issues
Customize Wireshark to your own specifications
Analyze common network protocols and common network application protocols

  • Criteria 80%

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