Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Cookbook – Second Edition

تکنولوژی های مجازی سازی امروزه به عنوان یک مسئله کلیدی در فناوری اطلاعات محسوب می شوند که در سالهای اخیر دیتا سنتر ها به سمت استفاده از این تکنولوژی ها در ساختار سرویس های خود حرکت کرده اند. چند سالی هست که پیشرفت سعودی صنعت CPU ها و حافظه ها خیلی فراتر از پیشرفت سیستم عامل ها بوده است و سیستم عامل ها به تنهایی قادر به پشتیبانی از این تکنولوژی ها بصورت تمام و کمال را ندارند. سیستم عامل ها در بیشتر اوقات تنها 20 درصد از کارایی CPU و حافظه را به خود اختصاص می دهند و مابقی این امکانات بلا استفاده باقی می ماند.نرم افزار Hyper-V را می توان به عنوان یک هدیه از طرف شرکت مایکروسافت به تمامی کاربران این غول نرم افزاری دانست. شرکت مایکروسافت از سال 2005 با نرم افزار Microsoft Virtual Server روند مجازی سازی خود را آغاز و در نهایت با ارائه نسخه 3 از نرم افزار Hyper-V درسال 2012 به نقطه تکامل خود رسانده است. Hyper-V نیز مانند تمامی محصولات مایکروسافت دارای ویژگیهای مشترکی با محصولات دیگر مانند رابط گرافیکی و همچنین سادگی در کاربرد می باشد.smile icon

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pdf iconWindows Server 2016 Hyper-V Cookbook – Second Edition

English | 6 Feb. 2017 | ISBN: 178588431X | 524 Pages | EPUB/PDF (conv) | by Patrick Lownds

Save time and resources by getting to know the best practices and intelligence from industry experts

About This Book

This book helps you gain a fresh perspective through a recipe-based approach on the new Microsoft Server 2016 Hyper-V
Over 80 recipes to help you master the administrative tasks of Hyper-V and get to grips with advanced solutions and techniques for virtualization
These hands-on advanced recipes will help you deploy, maintain, and upgrade Hyper-V virtual machines

Who This Book Is For

This book is for Hyper-V administrators who are looking to take advantage of all exciting new features that Microsoft Server 2016 Hyper-V has to offer.

What You Will Learn

Install and manage Hyper-V in Full, Server Core, and Nano Server
Get to know how to migrate and upgrade physical and virtual machines
Configure disks, network, memory, security, and auditing settings for virtual machines
Take a deep dive into high availability and disaster recovery
Save time and money by getting to grips with PowerShell automation
Understand the new features around network and nested virtualization, distributed storage QoS, Hyper-V Replica, and much more
Gain a full view of your virtual machines and host servers through monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting tips

In Detail

Hyper-V is a Windows-based, very cost-effective virtualization solution with easy-to-use and well-known administrative consoles.

With this book on your side you will master the worlds of Hyper-V deployment, migration, and management by learning tips, tricks, and best practices, especially when it comes to advanced-level tasks.

You will learn how to quickly deploy and automate multiple VMs, and support Hyper-V clusters through different installation methods. You will learn the concepts efficiently with the help of up-to-date real-world examples and improve the scalability and efficiency of large-scale VM deployments with Nano Server.

By the end of this book, you will be an ace Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V with the skills needed to administer and manage it effectively and survive in the brave new world of mobile-first, cloud-first. Further, take advantage of bonus appendix explaining Hyper-V and backup architecture and the difference between versions.

Style and approach

This advanced-level book provides step-by-step recipes on real-world examples so you can get practical, hands-on experience of the subjects.

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