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موسسه SANS یکی از معتبرترین و بزرگترین مراکز آموزشی دوره های امنیت سایبری در دنیا می باشد. موسسه SANS دوره های خود را در گرایش های مختلف اعم از تست نفوذ، جرائم رایانه ای، امنیت شبکه و بازرسی سیستم ها ارائه می دهد. مدارک شرکت SANS را GIAC صادر می کنند.کمتر کسی نسبت به دوره های شرکت SANS اطلاعات کافی را دارد، زیرا این دوره های با حفاظت بسیار زیادی از سوی این شرکت برگزار می شود و در برخی موارد تنها فایل های صوتی کلاس در اختیار دانشجویان قرار می گیرد. البته این موضوع را هم در نظر داشته باشید که دوره های شرکت SANS از نظر هزینه ای بسیار بالا بوده و افراد محدودی می توانند در دوره های SANS شرکت نمایند.

لینک دانلود مجموعه آموزشی SANS SEC573: Automating Information Security with Python 2020

حجم مجموعه : 7.33 گیگابایت

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لینک دانلود مجموعه آموزشی SANS SEC573: Automating Information Security with Python (v2017 PDF and USB)

حجم مجموعه : 3.75 گیگابایت

دانلود – بخش اول
دانلود – بخش دوم
دانلود – بخش سوم
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رمز فایل:

Course: $7,340.00 USD
Publisher: SANS
Date: 2020

All security professionals, including Penetration Testers, Forensics Analysts, Network Defenders, Security Administrators, and Incident Responders, have one thing in common. CHANGE. Change is constant. Technology, threats, and tools are constantly evolving. If we don’t evolve with them, we’ll become ineffective and irrelevant, unable to provide the vital defenses our organizations increasingly require.

Maybe your chosen Operating Systems has a new feature that creates interesting forensics artifacts that would be invaluable for your investigation, if only you had a tool to access it. Often for new features and forensics artifacts, no such tool has yet been released. You could try moving your case forward without that evidence or hope that someone creates a tool before the case goes cold…or you can write a tool yourself.

Or, perhaps an attacker bypassed your defenses and owned your network months ago. If existing tools were able to find the attack, you wouldn’t be in this situation. You are bleeding sensitive data and the time-consuming manual process of finding and eradicating the attacker is costing you money and hurting your organization big time. The answer is simple if you have the skills: Write a tool to automate your defenses.

Or, as a Penetration tester, you need to evolve as quickly as the threats you are paid to emulate. What do you do when “off-the-shelf” tools and exploits fall short? If you’re good, you write your own tool.

SEC573 is designed to give you the skills you need for tweaking, customizing, or outright developing your own tools. We put you on the path of creating your own tools, empowering you to better automate the daily routine of today’s information security professional and to achieve more value in less time. Again and again, organizations serious about security emphasize their need for skilled tool builders. There is a huge demand for people who can understand a problem and then rapidly develop prototype code to attack or defend against it. Learn Python in-depth with us to become fully weaponized.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Leverage Python to perform routine tasks quickly and efficiently
  • Automate log analysis and packet analysis with file operations, regular expressions, and analysis modules to find evil
  • Develop forensics tools to carve binary data and extract new artifacts
  • Read data from databases and the Windows Registry
  • Interact with websites to collect intelligence
  • Develop UDP and TCP client and server applications
  • Automate system processes and process their output

Course Syllabus

SEC573.1: Essentials Workshop with pyWars
SEC573.2: Essentials Workshop with MORE pyWars
SEC573.3: Defensive Python
SEC573.4: Forensics Python
SEC573.5: Offensive Python
SEC573.6: Capture the Flag

GIAC Python Coder

The GIAC Python Coder (GPYC) certification validates a practitioner’s understanding of core programming concepts, and the ability to write and analyze working code using the Python programming language. GPYC certification holders have demonstrated knowledge of common python libraries, creating custom tools, collecting information about a system or network, interacting with websites and databases, and automating testing.

  • Python essentials: variable and math operations, strings and functions, and compound statements
  • Data structures and programming concepts, debugging, system arguments, and argparser
  • Python application development for pen testing: backdoors and SQL injection


A basic understanding of any programming or scripting language is highly recommended but not required for this course. SEC573 starts with the most basic fundamentals of Python programming. There is no aspect of programming or Python that must be understood before attending this course. The lab environment is self-paced and this allows students who have had some experience coding advance more quickly than those who have not. You are provided a Virtual Machine that gives you the ability to complete the labs that are in your course book after the live course or your OnDemand access has finished.

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