Learning Python for Forensics – Second Edition

پایتون به عنوان یک زبان برنامه نویسی برای انجام تحقیقات سایبری و انجام تحلیل جرایم قانونی جایگاه منحصر به فردی در میان متخصصان شبکه دارد. با استفاده از ابزارهای Python و کتابخانه های محبوب پایتون، قدرت پایتون می توانید تحقیقات جرم شناسی کارآمد و کاملی را انجام دهید. این دوره شما را با جرم شناسی دیجیتال در ترافیک شبکه، تحلیل میزبان و تحلیل حافظه اشنا می سازد. کتاب Learning Python for Forensics – Second Edition با جرم شناسی شبکه آغاز می شود. شما یاد خواهید گرفت که بسته های خام را بخوانید، مرتب کنید و همچنین ترافیک شبکه را تجزیه و تحلیل کنید.

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Date: January 2019
Price: €23.99
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Pages: 476
Format: PDF, EPUB
ISBN: 9781789341690
By: Preston Miller , Chapin Bryce

Digital forensics plays an integral role in solving complex cybercrimes and helping organizations make sense of cybersecurity incidents. This second edition of Learning Python for Forensics illustrates how Python can be used to support these digital investigations and permits the examiner to automate the parsing of forensic artifacts to spend more time examining actionable data.

The second edition of Learning Python for Forensics will illustrate how to develop Python scripts using an iterative design. Further, it demonstrates how to leverage the various built-in and community-sourced forensics scripts and libraries available for Python today. This book will help strengthen your analysis skills and efficiency as you creatively solve real-world problems through instruction-based tutorials.

By the end of this book, you will build a collection of Python scripts capable of investigating an array of forensic artifacts and master the skills of extracting metadata and parsing complex data structures into actionable reports. Most importantly, you will have developed a foundation upon which to build as you continue to learn Python and enhance your efficacy as an investigator.

Now for Something Completely Different
Python Fundamentals
Parsing Text Files
Working with Serialized Data Structures
Databases in Python
Extracting Artifacts from Binary Files
Fuzzy Hashing
The Media Age
Uncovering Time
Rapidly Triaging Systems
Parsing Outlook PST Containers
Recovering Transient Database Records
Coming Full Circle
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