CBT Nuggets – Cisco Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (300-420 ENSLD)

دوره اموزشی CBT Nuggets – Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (300-420 ENSLD) معمولا آموزش مهارت ها را برای اخذ گواهینامه CCNP Enterprise را پوشش می دهند. در دوره Cisco Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (300-420 ENSLD) تمامی نکات مربوط به آمادگی در آزمون به اشتراک گذاشته می شود. این دوره به شما کمک می کند تا نقاط ضعف خود را در مهارت های مورد نیاز آزمون، شناسایی کرده و دانش مفهومی و مهارت های عملیاتی خود را بهبود ببخشید.

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رمز فايل: technet24.ir

Skills: 27
Videos: 239
Hours of training: 26
Publisher: CBT Nuggets
Trainers: Knox Hutchinson, Jeff Kish, John McGovern

Interested in CCNP Enterprise certification? This training also maps to Cisco’s 300-420 exam, which is one of the concentration exams that counts toward CCNP Enterprise certification, making it an ideal study resource.

This 239-video, advanced-level training covers topics including:

  • Creating IPv4/IPv6 addressing plans
  • Designing campus networks for high availability
  • Selecting proper QoS strategies
  • Differentiating between NETCONF and RESTCONF
  • … and much more

300-420 ENSLD: What You Need to Know

This CCNP Enterprise training covers 300-420 ENSLD network design exam objectives, including these topics:

  • Understanding network design principles at the enterprise level (WAN, SD-WAN, WLAN, etc.)
  • Configuring data path virtualization technologies
  • Manipulating layers and configuring protocols like EIGRP, OSPF, NTP, HSRP, and more
  • Diagnosing network problems with tools like syslog, pings, and trace route
  • Configuring device access control and wireless security features
  • Automating network tasks like configuration, troubleshooting or data collection

Skills You’ll Learn in this Course

Design an IPv4 and IPv6 Addressing Scheme
Intermediate1 hr 15 mins12 videos
IS-IS Foundations and Design
Intermediate1 hr 12 mins15 videos
Design Networks with EIGRP
Intermediate1 hr 3 mins9 videos
Designing Networks with OSPF
Intermediate1 hr 2 mins7 videos
Break Through BGP Basics with Address Families
Advanced1 hr 1 min9 videos
Solve BGP Scalability Issues
Advanced 53 mins11 videos
Understand the BGP Best Path Algorithm
Advanced 38 mins9 videos
Design Networks with BGP
Intermediate 57 mins9 videos
Determine IPv6 Migration Strategies
Intermediate 46 mins7 videos
Design High Availability in Campus Networks
Intermediate1 hr 14 mins9 videos
Explain the Hierarchical Network Model
Intermediate 47 mins8 videos
Design Campus L2 Infrastructures
Intermediate 56 mins8 videos
Design Multicampus L3 Infrastructures
Intermediate 52 mins7 videos
Describe SD-Access Architecture
Intermediate1 hr 8 mins10 videos
Design an SD-Access Fabric
Intermediate1 hr 3 mins11 videos
Compare WAN Connectivity Options
Intermediate 45 mins7 videos
Design Site-to-Site VPNs
Intermediate 45 mins7 videos
Design Enterprise WAN High Availability
Intermediate 46 mins6 videos
Describe Cisco SD-WAN Architecture and Principles
53 mins9 videos
Design Cisco SD-WAN
Intermediate1 hr 9 videos
Select QoS Strategies
Intermediate 57 mins7 videos
Design End-to-End QoS Policy
Intermediate 57 mins7 videos
Network Management and Telemetry Techniques
Intermediate1 hr 6 mins13 videos
Multicast Routing Foundations and Design
Intermediate1 hr 15 mins16 videos
Understand Model Driven Programmability
Intermediate 56 mins6 videos
Understand YANG-Based Network Automation
Intermediate 50 mins5 videos
Understand the NETCONF and RESTCONF protocols
Intermediate 53 mins6 videos


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