Pluralsight – ISE BYOD for CCNP Security (300-208) SISAS

(Cisco Identity Services Engine (iSE BYOD for CCNP Security نسل جدید سیستم شناسایی و کنترل دسترسی (جایگزین ACS )است که شبکه را قادر می سازد سرویس دهی را ساده تر انجام دهد و وضعیت امنیت زیرساخت را بهبود ببخشد. معماری منحصر به فرد Cisco ISE این امکان را می دهد که به صورت Real time اطلاعات شبکه ، کاربران و دستگاه ها را جمع آوری کند. سپس مدیر می تواند با استفاده از این اطلاعات برای شناسایی دسترسی به عناصر مختلف شبکه مانند سوئیچ ها ، WLAN ، VPN و … اقدام کند.

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Pluralsight – ISE BYOD for CCNP Security (300-208) SISAS

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In this course, you’ll be provided with all you need to know to implement BYOD using Cisco ISE 1.2. You’ll be able to efficiently prepare for the 300-208 SISAS exam to successfully earn your CNNP Security certification .

BYOD is a definite trend in today’s networks. Being able to address the onboarding of clients in a way that provides secure connectivity and an acceptable user experience is what Cisco ISE does. In this course, ISE B for CCNP Sec (300-208) SISAS, you’ll learn how to implement two BYOD solutions using Cisco ISE. First, you’ll discover how to implement the single SSID BYOD design. Next, you’ll delve into implementing the dual SSID BYOD design. Finally, you’ll explore topics from the Cisco SISAS exam (300-208), which is part of an overall series that’s designed to prepare you for your CCNP Security certification. By the end of this course, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of ISE BYOD to prepare you for CCNP Security (300-208) SISAS.


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