INE – CCIE Collaboration v3.0 Full Pack – دانلود دوره سیسکو

هدف از سرويس سیسکو Collaboration ايجاد ساختاري تعاملي، همگن و يکپارچه در زيرسيستم هاي مختلف شامل: Voice، Data، web ، Email ، Video و … در شبکه سازمان ها مي باشد. از مهم­ ترين مزاياي استفاده از راهکارهاي Collaboration را مي­توان به موارد زير اشاره نمود:

  • برقراري ارتباط تعاملي بيشتر و کارامدتر با مشتريان و کاربران سازمان
  • افزايش قابليت اطمينان و ميزان رضايت مشتريان و کاربران سازمان
  • يکپارچه سازي و برقراري تعامل بين سامانه هاي مختلف سازمان شامل: Voice ، web ، Email ، Video ، FAX ، SMS و …
  • کاهش زمان پاسخ گويي سازمان به مشکلات بالقوه مشتريان و کاربران
  • بهبود نظام کسب و کار سازمان و افزايش تعداد مشتريان و کاربران

لینک دانلود دوره جامع آموزش سیسکو INE – CCIE Collaboration v3.0


حجم : 19.8 گيگابايت

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رمز فايل:

Introduction to CCIE Collaboration v3.0

This course covers topics needed to study and pass the CCIE Collaboration v3 . Here in this course, you will learn what to expect in the lab exam?, What should you study?, How should you study? and How to practice to prepare for the CCIE Collaboration v3 lab exam. Students who are preparing for the CCIE Collaboration v3 Lab exam or professionals who are working in the Voice or Telephony environment will benefit from this course.

What is the CCIE Collaboration Certification?

The CCIE Collaboration Certification is designed to enhance a candidate’s ability to design, deploy, and operate intricate collaboration solutions. This is an expert-level certification, ensuring that candidates have the right knowledge and experience in collaboration solutions integration and interoperation. It also includes configuration and troubleshooting within complex networks.

Successful candidates achieve their certification prepared for the challenges of video, mobility, and presence, understanding their role as the foundation for workplace collaboration best practices and strategies.

Is the CCIE Collaboration Certification Right for You?

Those who seek to be CCIE Collaboration certified are often Collaboration Architects, Unified Communications Architects, or Voice and Video Network Managers. Their primary responsibilities consist of designing, implementing, and troubleshooting advanced collaboration solutions.

CCIE candidates should have five to seven years of experience with designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing collaboration technologies prior to taking the exam, though this is by no means required.

What Can the CCIE Collaboration Certification Do For Your Career?

Having your CCIE Collaboration Certification indicated to hiring managers that you are capable and reliable with regards to your knowledge and abilities. Certification influences 99% of organizations when making a hiring decision.

Being certified leads to more job opportunities, promotions, and higher salaries. The current average annual salary for CCIE Collaboration related jobs is $130,067 a year.

1. Introduction

01. Introduction and Blueprint Changes.mp4
02. CCIE Collaboration v3 Lab Exam Format Changes.mp4
03. Hardware Resources.mp4
04. Additional Resources.mp4

2. Infrastructure and Quality of Service

01. Network Services
01. Course Intro.mp4
02. VLANs-Dot1Q.mp4
03. CDP-LLDP.mp4
04. DHCP.mp4
05. TFTP.mp4
06. NTP.mp4
07. Utils Commands.mp4
08. DB Replication and Repair.mp4
09. Phone Registration.mp4
10. Phone View Setup.mp4

02. Quality of Service (QoS)
01. Concepts.mp4
02. LAN Queuing.mp4
03. LAN Policing.mp4
04. WAN Queuing and Shaping .mp4

3. Call Control and Dial Plan

01. Global Dial Plan
01. Course Intro.mp4
02. Dial Plan Fundamentals.mp4
03. Elements of Dial Plan.mp4
04. Dial-Peers.mp4
05. Voice Translation Rules.mp4
06. Traditional Dial Plan Demonstration.mp4
07. Advanced Elements of Dial Plan.mp4
08. Advanced Elements of Dial Plan Demo – Part 1.mp4
09. Advanced Elements of Dial Plan Demo – Part 2.mp4
10. Advanced Elements of Dial Plan Demo – Part 3.mp4
11. Advanced Elements of Dial Plan Demo – Part 4.mp4
12. Traditional vs Globalized Dial Plans.mp4
13. Outbound Dialing.mp4
14. Inbound Dialing.mp4
15. Outbound Dialing through SME and Cube.mp4
16. Inbound Dialing through SME and Cube.mp4

02. Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE)
01. Course Introduction.mp4
02. CUBE Overview.mp4
03. CUBE Initial Configuration.mp4
04. CUBE Advanced Configuration – Part 1.mp4
05. CUBE Advanced Configuration – Part 2.mp4
06. CUBE SIP Normalization.mp4
07. CUBE BOX-to-BOX Redundancy.mp4
08. CUBE Call Admission Control.mp4

03. Intercluster Lookup Service (ILS)
01. Course Intro.mp4
02. SIP URI Dialing – Part 1.mp4
03. SIP URI Dialing – Part 2.mp4
04. Inter-Cluster URI Dialing Without ILS.mp4
05. Inter-Cluster URI Dialing Using ILS – Part 1.mp4
06. Inter-Cluster URI Dialing Using ILS – Part 2.mp4
07. Inter-Cluster URI Dialing Using ILS – Part 3.mp4

3. Call Control and Dial Plan\04. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Traces\
01. Course Intro.mp4
02. RTMT Traces – Part 1.mp4
03. RTMT Traces – Part 2.mp4
04. CUBE Debug ccsip Messages.mp4

4. Edge Services

01. Expressway
01. Course Preview.mp4
02. Introduction to Cisco Expressway.mp4
03. Activate Features.mp4
04. Apply Options and License.mp4
05. Network Settings.mp4
06. Intrusion Protection.mp4
07. Network Services.mp4
08. Firewall Traversal Expressway Solution .mp4
09. Firewall Traversal Configuration.mp4
10. ICE and TURN Services.mp4
11. About SIP.mp4
12. About Zones and Structuring Your Dial Plan.mp4
13. Bandwidth Control.mp4
14. Unified Communications Prerequisites.mp4
15. Mobile and Remote Access.mp4
16. Meeting Server Web Proxy on Expressway.mp4
17. B2B.mp4
18. About User Accounts and Password Security.mp4
19. Using the Root Account and Resetting Passwords.mp4
20. Enabling Maintenance Mode and SSH.mp4

5. Media Resources, Protocols, and API

01. Cisco Meeting Server (CMS)
01. Course Intro.mp4
02. Introduction to Cisco Meeting Server.mp4
03. NTP, DNS and API User.mp4
04. GUI Access to CMS.mp4
05. Import Users and Create coSpaces.mp4
06. Setup LDAP and Create coSpaces Using API Calls to CMS.mp4
07. Callbridge and XMPP Integration.mp4
08. Setup WebRTC.mp4
09. WebRTC Through Expressway.mp4
10. Rendezvous Conferencing.mp4
11. Ad Hoc Conferencing.mp4
12. Join Meetings Using IVR.mp4
13. Activate Chat Feature Using API Calls to CMS.mp4

6. Collaboration Applications and Services

01. Cisco Unified Communications IM and Presence (IM&P)
01. Course Intro.mp4
02. Import Users from LDAP in CUCM.mp4
03. Soft Client Setup and Desk Phone Setup and Associate to Endpoints.mp4
04. Convert LDAP Users to Local Users.mp4
05. Create UC Service and Service Profile.mp4
06. Test Jabber Login and Presence Status.mp4
07. Persistent Group Chat.mp4
08. Troubleshoot Jabber Login Issues.mp4

02. Unity Connection
01. Course Intro.mp4
02. Unity Connection Pre-Setup.mp4
03. SIP Integration.mp4
04. SCCP Integration.mp4

03. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express (UCCX)
01. Course Intro.mp4
02. Adding IPCC Extension for CUCM Users .mp4
03. CUCM and UCCX Integration.mp4
04. One Button Login, Finesse Setup and Testing Agent Connection.mp4

7. Final Preparations

01. CCIE Collaboration v3 Exam Review
01. Course Introduction.mp4
02. Lab Exam Overview.mp4
03. Task 1.mp4
04. Task 2.mp4
05. Task 3.mp4
06. Task 4.mp4
07. Task 5.mp4
08. Task 6.mp4
09. Dial Plan Fundamentals.mp4
10. Dial Peers.mp4
11. Task 7.mp4
12. Task 8.mp4
13. Task 9.mp4
14. Task 10.mp4
15. Task 11.mp4
16. Task 12.mp4
17. Task 13.mp4
18. Task 14.mp4
19. Task 15.mp4
20. Task 16.mp4
21. Task 17.mp4
22. Task 18.mp4
23. Task 19.mp4
24. Task 20 (Design).mp4
25. Task 21 (Design).mp4
26. Cisco Meeting Server — Introduction.mp4
27. Task 23.mp4
28. Task 24.mp4
29. Task 25.mp4
30. Task 26.mp4
31. Task 27.mp4
32. Task 28.mp4


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