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شرکت سیسکو یکی از قدرتمند‌ترین و بزرگ‌ترین فعالان حوزه فناوری اطلاعات و ارتباطات می‌باشد که با تولید تجهیزات و نرم‌افزار‌های متعدد گام‌های بزرگی در این راستا برداشته است . یکی از حوزه‌های فعالیت این کمپانی ، تولید تجهیزات و ملزومات راه‌اندازی مراکز تلفنی تحت شبکه یا VOIP می‌باشد . این شرکت با تولید ماژول‌های تلفنی ، IP Phoneها ، تجهیزات ویدیو کنفرانس و … توانسته است جایگاهی ویژه در میان پرچم‌داران این حوزه به دست آورد. در ادامه ورک بوک CCIE Collaboration با فرمت PDF محصول شرکت INE جهت دانلود قرار داده شده است.

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Publisher: INE

INE’s CCIE Collaboration Workbook is an online interactive compilation of hands-on task based scenarios that walk you through the technologies used in Cisco’s Collaboration architecture. Whether you are studying for the CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam, have an upcoming implementation project with Cisco collaboration management tools, or simply want to gain hands-on experience with these cutting-edge technologies, this workbook is for you.

CCIE Collaboration Workbook

The tasks in this workbook are all individually focused technology topics presented in an easy-to-follow, goal-oriented, step-by-step approach. Every scenario features detailed breakdowns and thorough verifications to help you completely understand the task and associated technology. The workbook covers General Networking Infrastructure, Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager, IOS UC Applications, Unity Connection, Unified Contact Center Express and Instant Messaging and Presence.

CCIE Collaboration
Network Infrastructure
VLANs – Voice & Data Vlans
DHCP for Sites – HQ, Site B and Site C
NTP for Sites – HQ, SiteB, SiteC
Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Phones Registration with Sub/Pub Redundancy
SIP Phones Registration with HQ Sub/Pub Redundancy
MGCP Gateway
H323 Gateway
SIP Gateway
CUCM SIP Trunks – Intersite SIP Trunk using CUBE: HQ & Site B
Codec Negotiation
DialPlan for HQ Site
Class of Service for HQ Site
Dial Plan for HQ Site (using single Route Pattern)
DialPlan for Site B
PLUS (+) Dialing For Site B
PLUS (+) Dialing For HQ Site
Mobile Connect: Single Number Reach for Site B Phone1 & HQ Phone1
CUCM Features – Call Park & Directed Call Park
CUCM Features – Call Pickup
CUCM Features – Speed Dial
CUCM Features – Meet-Me
CUCM Features – Hunting
SRST & MGCP Fallback for HQ Site
SRST for Site B
HQ SIP Trunk to PSTN
URI IntraCluster & InterCluster Dialing
LDAP Synchronization
LDAP Authentication
Mobile Voice Access (MVA)
Extension Mobility
Extension Mobility Cross Cluster
Enhanced Location Call Admission Control using RSVP
Automated Alternate Routing (AAR)
Call Control Discovery over Service Advertisement Framework (CCD/SAF)
Call Control Discovery over Service Advertisement Framework (CCD/SAF) – BLOCKING
Hunt Group with Queuing
CUCM Troubleshooting
Cisco IOS UC Applications & Features
SCCP (Skinny) Phones Registration (TELEPHONY-SERVICE)
IOS DialPlan
Call Forward Unregistered (CFUR)
SiteC Intrasite & Intersite Calling with HQ & SiteB
CUCME Media Resources – Conference Ad-Hoc
CUCME Conference Meet-Me
Site C CUCME Features – Single Number Reach for SCCP Phone
Site C CME Features – Call Park/Hunting
Video Conferencing
CME SIP Phone Security Administration
CME Fast Dials/Speed Dials & Local Directory
Cisco Unity Express Initialization
Cisco Unity Express CME Integration Using SIP Protocol
Unity Connection
Cisco Unity Connection Integration with HQ Cluster using Skinny
Cisco Unity Connection Integration with Site B using SIP Protocol
Configuring Users for VoiceMail Boxes in Cisco Unity Connection
Configuring Users for VoiceMail Boxes in Cisco Unity Connection for Site B
InterSite VoiceMail between HQ/SiteB/SiteC
Unity Connection HQ MWI Restrictions
UCCX (Unified Contact Center Express)
Integration on UCCX with CallManager
UCCX Custom Scripting
Instant Messaging & Presence (IM&P)
IM&P Server Integration
Jabber Registration with Desktop Sharing
IM&P Federation
Quality of Services (QoS)
Classification & Mapping Switch Cos to Dscp Mapping
QoS Congestion Management Switch Traffic Marking & Policing
Switch Queue and Buffer Assignment


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