HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V3 (HPE0-J58)

کتاب HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V3 (HPE0-J58) در زمینه طراحی و راه حل های سازمانی ذخیره سازی برنامه ها و اطلاعات در محیط فیزیکی، مجازی و ابر می باشد و به آموزش فناوری های HPE Server، آشنایی با افزونه ها و محصولات HPE، چگونگی رفع مشکلات و چالش های مربوط به حوزه دیتا سنتر توسط سرورهای HPE، چگونگی مدیریت سرورهای و استوریج های HPE می پردازد.

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Price: $90.00
Publisher: HPE Press
Author: Adrian Witlib
Date: Jan 15, 2019
Exam: # HPE0-J58
ISBN: 942741987
ISBN13: 9781942741985


This study guide helps you prepare for the HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect V3 certification exam (HPE0-J58). Candidates for the exam are expected to have advanced level industry-standard technology skills and business acumen from training and hands-on experience.

This in-depth guide provides a comprehensive base of knowledge for recommending advanced multiple site, enterprise storage and backup solutions. Topics discussed include designing and implementing the latest storage technologies including Flash and Nimble Storage, Software-Defined Storage (SDS), and HyperConverged Appliances. With a focus on meeting business, financial and technical goals, the guide serves as a practical on-the-job reference tool to position, plan, and deploy high value and differentiated HPE storage and BURA solutions based on customer needs.

Topics covered include:

3PAR Remote Copy, Peer Persistence, Federation and Peer Motion
Nimble Replication and VMware integrations
Storage networking and SAN extension technologies
HPE sizing and configuration tools for backup solutions
Using technologies such as StoreOnce and Veeam for data protection and replication
Monitoring with Infosight and SNMP, and using REST APIs

About the Author

Adrian Witlib is a certified HPE Master ASE – Storage Solutions Architect, and HPE Certified Instructor. He was the courseware developer for the Designing HPE Nimble Solutions and Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutio


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