Hands-On Red Team Tactics – تاکتیک های امنیتی و عملی تیم قرمز

تیم Red Teaming برای افزایش امنیت با انجام حملات شبیه سازی شده به یک سازمان برای شناسایی آسیب پذیری های شبکه و سیستم ها از روش ها و ابزار های مختلف تست نفوذ استفاده می کند. این کتاب با روش های استفاده تیم قرمز، با استفاده از روش های کمتر شناخته شده امنیتی شروع می شود و در ادامه با کشف سطوح متوسط ​​و پیشرفته تکنیک های بهره برداری از داده های امنیتی و همچنین با ابزار Metasploit و دسترسی به شبکه های رادیویی و دستیابی به تکنیک های غیر معمول آشنا می شوید.

لینک دانلود کتاب تاکتیک های امنیتی و عملی تیم قرمز  – Hands-On Red Team Tactics


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Book Details
ISBN 139781788995238
Paperback 480 pages
Himanshu Sharma, Harpreet Singh
September 2018

Book Description
Red Teaming is used to enhance security by performing simulated attacks on an organization in order to detect network and system vulnerabilities. Hands-On Red Team Tactics starts with an overview of pentesting and Red Teaming, before giving you an introduction to few of the latest pentesting tools. We will then move on to exploring Metasploit and getting to grips with Armitage. Once you have studied the fundamentals, you will learn how to use Cobalt Strike and how to set up its team server.

The book introduces some common lesser known techniques for pivoting and how to pivot over SSH, before using Cobalt Strike to pivot. This comprehensive guide demonstrates advanced methods of post-exploitation using Cobalt Strike and introduces you to Command and Control (C2) servers and redirectors. All this will help you achieve persistence using beacons and data exfiltration, and will also give you the chance to run through the methodology to use Red Team activity tools such as Empire during a Red Team activity on Active Directory and Domain Controller.

In addition to this, you will explore maintaining persistent access, staying untraceable, and getting reverse connections over different C2 covert channels.

By the end of this book, you will have learned about advanced penetration testing tools, techniques to get reverse shells over encrypted channels, and processes for post-exploitation.

Table of Contents

1: Red-Teaming and Pentesting
2: Pentesting 2018
3: Foreplay – Metasploit Basics
4: Getting Started with Cobalt Strike
5: ./ReverseShell
6: Pivoting
7: Age of Empire – The Beginning
8: Age of Empire – Owning Domain Controllers
9: Cobalt Strike – Red Team Operations
10: C2 – Master of Puppets
11: Obfuscating C2s – Introducing Redirectors
12: Achieving Persistence
13: Data Exfiltration

What You Will Learn
Get started with red team engagements using lesser-known methods
Explore intermediate and advanced levels of post-exploitation techniques
Get acquainted with all the tools and frameworks included in the Metasploit framework
Discover the art of getting stealthy access to systems via Red Teaming
Understand the concept of redirectors to add further anonymity to your C2
Get to grips with different uncommon techniques for data exfiltration

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