INE – CCIE Service Provider V4.1 Exam Review

دوره سیسکو CCIE Service Provider V4.1 Exam Review در خصوص مهارت های تخصصی یک مهندس شبکه برای تنظیم، ساخت، عیب یابی و بهینه سازی یک هسته ی زیرساخت و سرویس دهنده ی مجموعه ی پیچیده است. همچنین در دوره CCIE Service Provider کسب مهارت‌های فنی در زمینه پروتکل IP و تکنولوژی‌هایی که بر پایه آن بنا شده است.  مانند IP Routing ،QoS ،Multicast ،MBGP، MPLS و MPLS و آشنایی و تخصص در زمینه سرویس‌های شبکه‌ای مانند DSL، کابل نوری، WAN Switching ،IP Telephony ،Metro Ethernet، Content Networking می باشد.

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Publisher: INE
Duration: 26hr 57min
Instructor: Brian McGahan
Release Date: February 19, 2018

Course Description

This course is intended for those in the final stages of their CCIE studies who are preparing to take their CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam. There are no formal prerequisites, but viewers should have a foundational understanding of each of the blueprint technologies covered in this exam. For those preparing with INE’s other training material, you’ll want to have completed the INE’s CCIE Service Provider Advanced Technologies course. You will also need a working knowledge of Cisco’s IOS interface. Not only will you refine your skills and expand your knowledge of the blueprint technologies, you will also learn to change the way you think about problems and how to derive solutions. In addition to helping you pass your exam, this course will give you real-world practical knowledge to carry you past the CCIE lab and into everyday applications that you’ll use as a CCIE in the field

INE – CCIE Service Provider V4.1 Exam Review

1.2.CCIE Service Provider v4 Blueprint
1.3.Six SPv4 Topic Domains, SPv3 to SPv4 Blueprint Changes a Reccommended Resources
1.4.Access Equipment and Lab Overview
2.1.Core Routing.Part 1
2.2.Core Routing.Part 2
2.3.Core Routing.Part 3
2.4.Core Routing.Redistribution
3.1.Core MPLS.Part 1
3.2.Core MPLS.Part 2
3.3.Core MPLS.Part 3
3.4.Core MPLS.Part 4
4.1.BGP Peerings.Part 1
4.2.BGP Peerings.Part 2
4.3.BGP Peerings.Part 3
5.1.Intra-AS L3VPN.Part 1
5.2.Intra-AS L3VPN.Part 2
5.3.Intra-AS L3VPN.Part 3
5.4.Intra-AS L3VPN.Part 4
5.5.Intra-AS L3VPN.Part 5
5.6.Intra-AS L3VPN.Part 6
5.7.Intra-AS L3VPN.Part 7
5.8.Inter-AS L3VPN.IPv6 Part 1
5.9.Inter-AS L3VPN.IPv6 Part 2
5.10.IPv6 Reachability
6.1.CSC Expanded Lab Overview
6.2.CSC Design.Part 1
6.3.CSC Design.Part 2
6.4.CSC Design.Part 3
6.5.CSC Design.Part 4
6.6.L3VPN Extranet.Part 1
6.7.L3VPN Extranet.Part 2
7.1.L3VPN Internet Access
8.1.Unified MPLS
9.1.L2VPN.Part 1
9.2.L2VPN.Part 2
9.3.L2VPN.Part 3
10.1.MPLS Traffic Engineering.Part 1
10.2.MPLS Traffic Engineering.Part 2
10.3.MPLS Traffic Engineering.Part 3
10.4.MPLS Traffic Engineering.Part 4
12.1.Troubleshooting Lab 1.Part 1
12.2.Troubleshooting Lab 1.Part 2
12.3.Troubleshooting Lab 1.Part 3
12.4.Troubleshooting Lab 1.Part 4
12.5.Troubleshooting Lab 1.Part 5
12.6.Troubleshooting Lab 1.Part 6
12.7.Multicast and QoS.Part 1
12.8.Multicast and QoS.Part 2
12.9.Multicast Routing.Part 1
12.10.Multicast Routing.Part 2
12.11.Multicast Routing.Part 3
13.1.Challenge Lab.Part 1
13.2.Challenge Lab.Part 2 – Core Routing
13.3.Challenge Lab.Part 3 – BGP
13.4.Challenge Lab.Part 4 – MPLS L3VPN
13.5.Challenge Lab.Part 5 – MPLS L2VPN
13.6.Challenge Lab.Part 6 – MPLS L2VPN
14.1.Exam Strategy

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