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VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture – با گذشت چند سال از فراگیر شدن رایانش ابری، برای این‌که کاربران بیشتری به‌ موضوع رایانش ابری جذب شوند و حقوق کاربران نهایی رعایت شود، مفهوم Cross Cloud مطرح شد. این مفهوم اولین بار توسط غول مجازی‌سازی، شرکت VMware مطرح شد. این شرکت نام سیستم ابری خود را Neutral Cloud یا “ابر خنثی” نامید. این سیستم به‌گونه‌ای طراحی شده است تا ابر خصوصی شما با کمی تغییرات، قابلیت انتقال به ابرهای عمومی از جمله AWS که قوی‌ترین سرویس‌های ابری دنیا را در حال حاضر ارائه می‌دهد، انتقال داده شود. حتی در حین انتقال اطلاعات شما رمز نگاری شده و اطلاعات شما فاش نمی‌شود.

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Book Details
ISBN 139781787283435
Paperback 504 pages
Ajit Pratap Kundan
March 2018

Book Description

Over the past two decades, VMware vSphere has been known as the most trusted and reliable virtualization platform. VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture shows you how to design and configure Cross Cloud Architecture by using VMware Cloud Foundation and vRealize Suite with various use cases across private, public, and hybrid Cloud. This book takes you through everything from a basic understanding of virtualization to advanced aspects of storage and network virtualization, clustering, automation, and management.

This book will be your guide to designing all aspects of Cloud.

VMware Cross-Cloud Architecture

We start with the challenges faced by a traditional data center, define problem statements for you, and then brief you on respective solutions. Moving on, all kinds of virtualization and Cloud offerings from AWS and IBM Soft Layer are introduced and discussed in detail. Then, you’ll learn how to design IT infrastructures for new and existing applications with a combination of Cloud Foundation, vRealize Suite, and vSphere enabled with VSAN and NSX. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to design and configure high availability, disaster recovery, and apply an appropriate compliance matrix.

Toward the end of the book, you will learn how to calculate the TCO/ROI, along with the VMware products packaging and licensing in detail.

Table of Contents

1: The Freedom with Cross-Cloud Architecture
2: Implementing Service Architecture for Cross-Cloud Services
3: Transforming a Data Center from Silos to Software-Defined Services
4: Designing a Mixed Cloud Model with VMware
5: Implementing Service Redundancy Across All Layers
6: Designing Software-Defined Storage Services
7: VMware Cloud Assess, Design, and Deploy Services

8: Transforming Your Network Architecture
9: Dealing with Data Sovereignty
10: Designing Effective Compliance Regulations to Fix Violations
11: Lower TCO and Greater ROI with Maximum Agility
12: VMware Pricing and Licensing for a Cross-Cloud Model
13: The Economics of Cross-Cloud Services

What You Will Learn

Install and configure the Cloud foundation with Cross-Cloud services
Configure vSphere high availability with the vCenter redundancy setup
Architect and configure VMware with AWS Cloud
Deploy VMware components in IBM Soft Layer
Extend your DR setup with VMware to consume DRaaS
Design and configure software-defined networking
Implement compliance regulations to fix violations


Ajit Pratap Kundan

Ajit Pratap Kundan is an infrastructure software consultant with 18 years’ experience, having has worked with Novell, Redington, PCS, and Innodata. Currently, he is a technical consultant at VMware, Delhi and provides productive solutions for Federal Government clients, espousing the benefits of hybrid cloud with cross-cloud services. He has a graduate degree in electronics engineering from Pune University with experience in Lotus, Tivoli, PlateSpin, IDM, SUSE Linux, Sentinel, and all of the VMware products. He is an ITIL,
CCNA, Lotus, SUSE, Red Hat, and VMware-certified professional.

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