CompTIA Pentest+ (Ethical Hacking) Course and Practice Exam

دانلود ویدئو آموزشی تست نفوذ (هکر قانونمند) کامپتیا CompTIA Pentest+

تست نفوذ شبکه یا Pentest یک روش تست، اندازه گیری و بهبود اقدامات امنیتی در خصوص سیستم های اطلاعاتی و زمینه های پشتیبانی به معنی ارزیابی امنیت کلی سیستم قبل از اتفاق افتادن حمله است. تست نفوذ يا ارزيابي امنيتي روشي است که توسط آن قادر خواهيم بود تا آسيب‌پذيري‌هاي موجود در نرم‌افزارها، شبکه، وب‌سايت و بانک‌هاي اطلاعاتي خود را شناسايي کرده و پيش از آنکه نفوذگران واقعي به سيستم وارد شوند، امنيت سیستم خود را افزايش دهيم. اين روش با استفاده از ارزيابي جنبه‌هاي مختلف امنيتي کمک مي‌کند تا با کاهش دادن ريسک‌هاي امنيتي موجود، احتمال نفوذ غيرمجاز به شبکه را کاهش دهيم…

لینک دانلود ویدئو آموزشی CompTIA Pentest+ (Ethical Hacking) Course and Practice Exam


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Video Details

By: Jason Dion
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Date: Tuesday, March 26, 2019
ISBN: 13 9781838824105
Course Length: 8 hours 4 minutes

Table of Contents

Domain 1: Planning and Scoping
Domain 2: Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification
Domain 3: Attacks and Exploits
Domain 4: Penetration Testing Tools
Domain 5: Reporting and Communication

Video Description

The CompTIA Pentest+ certification is an intermediate-level vendor-neutral certification that validates your knowledge and ability to plan/scope an assessment, understand the legal/compliance requirements, perform vulnerability scanning/penetration test, and analyze/report on your findings. This certification was released by CompTIA to fill a gap between the foundational-level CompTIA Security+ exam (for those with about 1 year in the field) and the advanced-level CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (for those with at least 5 years in the field). The CompTIA Pentest+ exam is focused on the technical, hands-on details of the cybersecurity field, including how to emulate a cyber threat, infiltrate a secure network architecture, and conduct a penetration test against your organizational networks (with permission, of course).
The CompTIA Pentest+ exam covers FIVE domains:

15%: Planning and Scoping
22%: Information Gathering and Vulnerability Identification
30%: Attacks and Exploits
17%: Penetration Testing Tools
16%: Reporting and Communication.

This course provides everything you need in order to study for the CompTIA Pentest+ exam, including downloadable PDFs of every lecture to follow along with as you progress through the videos and to review before test day. Taught by an expert in information technology and cybersecurity with over 20 years of experience, this course is a fun way to learn what you need to know to pass the CompTIA Pentest+ exam or to better prepare yourself to serve on your organization’s cyber defence team or as an independent penetration tester.
Style and Approach

This course is designed in such a way that each section will cover new scenarios and a step-by-step approach to help you learn and understand the concept.

What You Will Learn

Conduct information gathering and enumeration
Exploit networks and systems during a pentest
Prepare a report and communicate your findings

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