SSCP Certification (Systems Security Certified Practitioner)

دانلود ویدئو آموزشی گواهینامه حرفه ای امنیت سیستم های اطلاعاتی SSCP

گواهینامه SSCP یک نقطه ورود عالی ویژه متخصصان امنیت IT می باشد. در دوره SSCP شما با بدافزار ها، انواع حملات به اپلیکیشن و سیستم، مهندسی اجتماعی، و امنیت تلفن همراه و ابر و آموزش مدیریت و کنترل دسترسی کاربران، آموزش عملیات و مدیریت امنیت، آشنایی با ریسک ها، پاسخ به آن ها و ترمیم خرابی های ناشی از آن ها، آموزش رمزنگاری داده ها، آموزش شناسایی و برخورد با کدهای مخرب آشنا می شوید.

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By: Sunil Gupta
Price: £97.99
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019
ISBN: 13 9781838558468
Course Length: 5 hours 25 minutes

Table of Contents SSCP Certification

Preparing for (ISC) ² Certification Course
Access Controls: Part 1
Access Controls: Part 2
Security Operations and Administration
Security Policy and Terminologies
Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis: Part 1
Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis: Part 2
Incident Response and Recovery
Overview of Cryptography
Beyond the Basics of Cryptography
Networks and Communications Security: Protocols and Services
Networks and Communications Security: Security Devices
Networks and Communications Security: Device Protection
System and Application Security: Identify Malware Threats
System and Application Security: Secure Practices

Video Description

The Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP) is the ideal certification for those with proven technical skills and practical, hands-on security knowledge in operational IT roles. It provides confirmation of a practitioner’s ability to implement, monitor and administer IT infrastructure in accordance with information security policies and procedures that ensure data confidentiality, integrity and availability. Initially Course provides information about certification exam. Then It covers 7 domains of SSCP Examination Curriculum. Successful candidates will become competent in the following 7 domains:

Access Controls
Security Operations and Administration
Risk Identification, Monitoring, and Analysis
Incident Response and Recovery
Network and Communications Security
Systems and Application Security

After Completion this course, Student will be able to secure systems, networks, applications and will be able to implement IT security policies

Style and Approach

This course aims to provide a complete coverage of every objective on the SSCP certification exam. The course is filled with apt demonstration and explanation in a concise manner to help you succeed in the exam with ease

What You Will Learn

Identify strategies developed by cyber adversaries to attack networks and hosts and the countermeasures deployed to defend them.
Understand the principles of organizational security and the elements of effective security policies.
Know the technologies and usage of cryptographic standards and products.
Install and configure network- and host-based security technologies.
Describe the standards and products used to enforce security on web and application technologies. Identify strategies for ensuring business continuity, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery.
Summarize application and coding vulnerabilities and identify development and deployment methods designed to mitigate them.

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