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اوبونتو یک سیستم عامل کاملاً آزاد و رایگان بر اساس گنو/لینوکس همراه با پشتیبانی در سطح جامعه کاربران و خدمات تجاری و حرفه‌ای است . اوبونتو توسط اجتماع بزرگی از کاربران و توسعه دهندگان در سراسر دنیا توسعه داده می‌شود و شما نیز می‌توانید به خانواده ی اوبونتو بپیوندید. اجتماع اوبونتو بر اساس ایده‌های فلسفه اوبونتو که می‌گوید : نرم‌افزار باید آزاد و رایگان در اختیار عموم باشد همچنین ابزارهای نرم افزاری مختلف می بایست به صورت سفارشی و به زبان محلی کاربران در اختیارشان باشند و کاربران مجاز باشند نرم‌افزار را بر اساس نیازهای خود سفارشی نموده و استفاده نمایند ، شکل گرفته است. این آزادی‌ها موجب شده‌اند اوبونتو اساساً با نرم افزارهای سنتی خصوصی متفاوت باشد . نه تنها ابزارها و نرم‌افزارهای مورد نیازتان رایگان هستند بلکه شما مجاز خواهید بود نرم‌افزارها را مطابق نیازتان و به گونه‌ای که مایلید سفارشی نموده و استفاده نمایید .‬‬

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Mastering Ubuntu Server

2016 | ISBN: 1785284525 | English | 429 pages | PDF

Key Features

Get well-versed with newly-added features in Ubuntu 16.04
Master the art of installing, managing, and troubleshooting Ubuntu Server
A practical easy-to-understand book that will help you enhance your existing skills.
Book Description

Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux operating system, and has various versions targeted at servers, desktops, phones, tablets and televisions. The Ubuntu Server Edition, also called Ubuntu Server, offers support for several common configurations, and also simplifies common Linux server deployment processes.

Mastering Ubuntu Server

With this book as their guide, readers will be able to configure and deploy Ubuntu Servers using Ubuntu Server 16.04, with all the skills necessary to manage real servers. The book begins with the concept of user management, group management, as well as file-system permissions. To manage your storage on Ubuntu Server systems, you will learn how to add and format storage and view disk usage. Later, you will also learn how to configure network interfaces, manage IP addresses, deploy Network Manager in order to connect to networks, and manage network interfaces. Furthermore, you will understand how to start and stop services so that you can manage running processes on Linux servers. The book will then demonstrate how to access and share files to or from Ubuntu Servers. You will learn how to create and manage databases using MariaDB and share web content with Apache. To virtualize hosts and applications, you will be shown how to set up KVM/Qemu and Docker and manage virtual machines with virt-manager. Lastly, you will explore best practices and troubleshooting techniques when working with Ubuntu Servers.

By the end of the book, you will be an expert Ubuntu Server user well-versed in its advanced concepts.

What You Will Learn

Learn how to manage users, groups, and permissions
Encrypt and decrypt disks with Linux Unified Key Setup /Luks
Setup SSH for remote access, and connect it to other nodes
Understand how to add, remove, and search for packages
Use NFS and Samba to share directories with other users
Get to know techniques for managing Apache and MariaDB
Explore best practices and troubleshooting techniques
About the Author

Jay LaCroix is an open-source enthusiast, specializing in Linux. He is passionate about Linux and its long-term adoption, and has been using Linux since 2002. Jay currently works as a DevOps Engineer for SolvIT Inc, and he holds a masters degree in Information Systems Technology Management from Capella University. During the course of his studies, he’s obtained several certifications, including Linux+, LPIC-2, and SUSE Certified Linux Professional, among others. In addition to a great career working with Linux technologies, Jay also has a YouTube channel, available at, where he posts instructional tutorial videos demonstrating how to utilize Linux and open-source technologies. When not practicing with technology, Jay enjoys photography, music, classic video-games and writing. He has also written Linux Mint Essentials and Mastering Linux Network Administration, also published by Packt Publishing.

Table of Contents

Deploying Ubuntu Server
Managing Users
Managing Storage Volumes
Connecting to Networks
Managing Software Packages
Controlling and Monitoring Processes
Managing Your Ubuntu Server Network
Accessing and Sharing Files
Managing Databases
Serving Web Content
Virtualizing Hosts and Applications
Securing Your Server
Troubleshooting Ubuntu Servers
Preventing and Recovering from Disasters

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