CCNA Security Technology Course: 210-260 IINS

دانلود دوره آموزشی امنیت سیسکو CCNA Security Technology Course: 210-260 IINS

در این دوره آموزشی شما با مباحث مربوط به گواهینامه سیسکو CCNA Security Technology Course: 210-260 IINS آشنا می شوید. در دوره CCNA Security 210-260 IINS کار با مفاهیم امنیتی، مدیریت خطاها ، مقابله با آسیب پذیری در شبکه و نحوه یکپارچگی و در دسترس بودن داده ها را مورد بررسی قرار می دهد. در ادامه نحوه کار با VPN، نحوه مسیریابی امن و سوئیچینگ سیسکو، کار با فایروال سیسکو ASA و عیب یابی و نظارت بر شبکه را مورد پوشش قرار می دهد.

سرفصل های دوره سیسکو CCNA Security Technology Course: 210-260 IINS:
  • افزایش امنیت شبکه سیسکو
  • مفاهیم DHCP
  • کار با مفاهیم PVLAN
  • پیاده سازی PVLAN
  • مفاهیم DAI
  • پیاده سازی DAI
  • طـراحی امن سوئیچینگ شبکه
  • کار با IOS Firewall سیسکو
  • نحوه ادغام  ZBF GNS3
  • کار با مفاهیم ASA سیسکو
  • عال سازی ASA سیسکو
  • ساخت توپولوژی ASA GNS3
  • پیکربندی  ASA CLI در GNS3
  • کار با ASA و ASDM در GNS3
  • نحوه رمزنگاری شبکه
  • رمزنگاری و ارزیابی VPN
  • اصول IDS و IPS
  • ادغام ASA GNS3
  • ساخت توپولوژی ASA GNS3
  • کار با SSL / TLS
  • و…

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رمز فايل:

Publisher: INE
Instructor: Cristian Matei
Course Duration: 31hrs 33min

There is a huge gap of Security professionals on the market, so this will be your starting point in the Security world, a complex but fun and challenging track. As being CCNA Security certified, a network professional demonstrates the skills required to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats. This course will help candidates obtain a deeper understanding of the technologies from the blueprint, which will tremendously help prepare for the certification exam and also for real-life deployments. As opposed to Bootcamp courses, this certification video series is a mix of slides, visual explanations and configuration examples to reinforce the knowledge.

CCNA Security Technology Course: 210-260 IINS

Slides should be used as a reference for the exam, while the examples as a reference for real-life deployments. Lab topologies will be designed, explaining the objective for each design, and then built from scratch by the instructor, nothing being pre-scripted, pre-tested or pre-recorded . During the process, the instructor will intentionally demonstrate the effects of misconfigurations and failures, randomly making learners think how to approach a specific problem, never seen before. You will also learn how to build a proper study and learning methodology. It’s highly recommended to also watch the “CCNA Security Bootcamp :: 210-260 IINS” course.

Course Introduction

Introduction 27min
IINS Overview 9min
About the Certification 25min
Certification Goals 9min
Study Materials 10min
Recommended Books 9min
Cisco Documentation 10min
Additional Information 23min
IINS Sample Exam Questions :: Part 1 15min
IINS Sample Exam Questions :: Part 2 19min
IINS Sample Exam Questions :: Part 3 11min
IINS Sample Exam Questions :: Part 4 9min

Network Security Concepts

Computer Security Terminology 15min
Goals of Network Security 3min
Understanding Security Threats 6min
Internal Security Threats 8min
Responding to Security Threats 20min
Assets 15min
Vulnerabilities 13min
Countermeasures :: Part 1 14min
Countermeasures :: Part 2 16min
Risk Analysis 8min
Network Security Design Principles :: Part 1 15min
Network Security Design Principles :: Part 2 10min
Network Security Responsibilities 7min
Social Engineering Attacks 6min
Phishing Attacks 8min
Social Engineering & Phishing Mitigation 4min
DoS & DDoS Attacks :: Part 1 16min
DoS & DDoS Attacks :: Part 2 11min
DoS & DDoS Mitigation 15min
Spoofing Attacks 4min
TCP Spoofing Attacks 1min
Spoofing Attack Mitigation 6min
Reflection Attack 4min
Amplification Attack 2min
Passwords Attacks 6min
Reconnaissance Attacks 3min
Buffer Overflow Attacks 2min
MiTM Attacks 3min
Evolution of Malicious Code 5min
Script Kiddies 2min
Malware as a Service 1min
Common Threat Defense Technologies 5min
Firewall 6min
Content Security Firewall 9min
Intrusion Prevention System 6min
Virtual Private Networks 3min
Logging & Monitoring 1min
Endpoint Security 6min

Securing Network Devices

Network Device Planes of Operation 10min
Securing the Management Plane – AAA 3min
What is AAA? 6min
AAA Model 7min
Radius 6min
TACACS+ 3min
When to Use Which Protocol 2min
Cisco’s Authentication Servers 2min
AAA for Device Administration 5min
IOS Privilege Levels 5min
Authentication Configuration & Verification Steps 15min
Remote Access for Device Administration 22min
AAA Implementation :: Part 1 20min
AAA Implementation :: Part 2 19min
AAA Implementation :: Part 3 15min
Syslog 15min
Syslog Configuration & Verification Steps 11min
Network Time Protocol – NTP 6min
NTP Configuration & Verification Steps 4min
Simple Network Management Protocol 9min
SNMPv3 6min
SNMPv3 Configuration & Verification Steps 5min
Netflow 4min
Control-Plane Security 6min
Routing Protocol Authentication 3min
EIGRP Authentication Configuration Steps 1min
Control-Plane Policing – CoPP 6min
Control-Plane Protection – CPPr 5min
Management-Plane Protection – MPP 12min
Network Device Reconnaissance 9min
Lateral Movement Attacks 5min
Private VLAN Edge Overview 6min
Private VLANs Overview 2min
Private VLANs VLAN & Port Types 3min
Private VLANs Traffic Filtering 13min
VLAN Hopping Attack 9min
VLAN Hopping Mitigation 8min
CAM Table Attacks 3min
CAM Attack Mitigation 3min
Port Security Violation Options 3min
Port Security Configuration 8min
DHCP Starvation Attack 7min
DHCP Starvation Variation & Mitigation 6min
Dynamic ARP Inspection Configuration Steps 13min
ARP Spoofing Attacks & Mitigation 9min
DAI Configuration Steps 21min
STP Attacks & Mitigation 20min


Firewall Overview 10min
Stateless Packet Filters 8min
ACL Configuration Steps 23min
Application Level Gateways 3min
Stateful Firewalls 15min
Next-Generation Firewalls 7min
ASA Firewall Overview 4min
ASA Firewall Features 11min
ASA Firewall Modes of Operation 5min
ASA Firewall High Availability 10min
ASA Firewall Clustering 2min
ASA Routed Mode Initialization 2min
ASA Firewall Basic Routing :: Part 1 15min
ASA Firewall Basic Routing :: Part 2 15min
ASA Basic Firewall Policies 13min
ASA Basic Firewall Policy Guidelines 12min
ASA Firewall ACL Configuration :: Part 1 32min
ASA Firewall ACL Configuration :: Part 2 25min
ASA Firewall MPF Overview :: Part 1 22min
ASA Firewall MPF Overview :: Part 2 26min
ASA Firewall NAT Overview :: Part 1 31min
ASA Firewall NAT Overview :: Part 2 32min
ASA Firewall NAT Configuration :: Part 1 25min
ASA Firewall NAT Configuration :: Part 2 27min
IOS Zone Based Policy Firewall Overview :: Part 1 25min
IOS Zone Based Policy Firewall Overview :: Part 2 25min
IOS Zone Based Policy Firewall Configuration 27min

Virtual Private Networks

Cryptography Overview :: Part 1 22min
Cryptography Overview :: Part 2 30min
Cryptography Overview :: Part 3 22min
Public Key Infrastructure Overview :: Part 1 33min
Public Key Infrastructure Overview :: Part 2 26min
IPsec VPN Overview :: Part 1 27min
IPsec VPN Overview :: Part 2 30min
Site-to-Site IPsec VPN Configuration 37min
SSL VPN Overview 36min
ASA AnyConnect SSL VPN Overview 24min
ASA AnyConnect SSL VPN Configuration 29min
ASA Clientless SSL VPN Overview 16min
ASA Clientless SSL VPN Configuration 17min

Advanced Topics

Security Architecture 26min
Identity Management :: Part 1 27min
Identity Management :: Part 2 37min
Content Security 26min
Intrusion Prevention System 36min
Endpoint Security 30min

End of Course

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