SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed کتاب اس کیو ال تحمل خرابی

برای اینکه بتوانیم برای نرم افزارهای سازمانی خود مانند مالی، اتوماسیون و… قابلیت تحمل خرابی و یا تقسیم ترافیک ایجاد کنیم، در وهله اول باید شرکت تولید کننده نرم افزار موردنظر چنین قابلیتی را در نرم افزار خود تعبیه کرده باشد. در غیر اینصورت امکان پیاده سازی این قابلیت ها برای خود نرم افزار ممکن نخواهد بود اما در صورتی که نرم افزار مورد نظر از زیرساخت هایی استفاده می کند که آن زیرساخت ها چنین قابلیت هایی را دارند، حداقل می توان برای آن زیرساخت ها چنین امکانی را فراهم کرد. اگر نرم افزارهای مالی شما از پایگاه داده Microsoft SQL server برای ذخیره داده های خود استفاده می کند، می توانیم با ایجاد آرایه ای از سرورهای SQL کاری کنیم که حداقل از جانب SQL server مسئله ای ایجاد نشود.

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 SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed
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SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed (includes Content Update Program)

English | 21 July 2017 | ISBN: 0672337762 | ASIN: B073XQDM8B | by Paul Bertucci

Book + Content Update Program
SQL Server 2016 High Availability Unleashed provides start-to-finish coverage of SQL Server’s powerful high availability (HA) solutions for your traditional on-premise databases, cloud-based databases (Azure or AWS), hybrid databases (on-premise coupled with the cloud), and your emerging Big Data solutions.

This complete guide introduces an easy-to-follow, formal HA methodology that has been refined over the past several years and helps you identity the right HA solution for your needs. There is also additional coverage of both disaster recovery and business continuity architectures and considerations. You are provided with step-by-step guides, examples, and sample code to help you set up, manage, and administer these highly available solutions. All examples are based on existing production deployments at major Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

This book is for all intermediate-to-advanced SQL Server and Big Data professionals, but is also organized so that the first few chapters are great foundation reading for CIOs, CTOs, and even some tech-savvy CFOs.

Learn a formal, high availability methodology for understanding and selecting the right HA solution for your needs
Deep dive into Microsoft Cluster Services
Use selective data replication topologies
Explore thorough details on AlwaysOn and availability groups
Learn about HA options with log shipping and database mirroring/ snapshots
Get details on Microsoft Azure for Big Data and Azure SQL
Explore business continuity and disaster recovery
Learn about on-premise, cloud, and hybrid deployments
Provide all types of database needs, including online transaction processing, data warehouse and business intelligence, and Big Data
Explore the future of HA and disaster recovery

In addition, this book is part of InformIT’s exciting Content Update Program, which provides content updates for major technology improvements! As significant updates are made to SQL Server, sections of this book will be updated or new sections will be added to match the updates to the technologies. As updates become available, they will be delivered to you via a free Web Edition of this book, which can be accessed with any Internet connection. To learn more, visit informit.com/cup.

How to access the Web Edition: Follow the instructions inside to learn how to register your book to access the FREE Web Edition.


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