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دوره آموزشی Red Team Ops از موسسه Zero Point Security به شما ابزار ها و تکنیک های اساسی Red Team و APT را آموزش میدهد. دوره Red Team Ops برای افرادی که پیش زمینه ای در این مباحث دارند بسیار مناسب است اما طبق گفته های این موسسه افرادی که دانش Red Team ندارند نیز میتوانند این دوره را بدون مشکل به پایان برسانند.

پیش نیاز های دوره Red Team Ops:

  • Windows و Active Directory
  • برنامه نویسی و اسکریپ نویسی ++PowerShell ، C# ، C/C
  • نصب . کار با ماشین های مجازی (VM)
  • آشنایی با پروتوکل های شبکه

سرفصل های دوره Red Team Ops:

  1. Introduction to red teaming
  2. External Reconnaissance
  3. Initial Compromise
  4. Host Reconnaissance
  5. Persistence
  6. Local Privilege Escalation
  7. Domain Reconnaissance
  8. Credentials & User Impersonation
  9. Lateral Movement
  10. Session Passing
  11. SOCKS Proxies
  12. Reverse Port Forwards
  13. DPAPI
  14. Kerberos Abuse
  15. Group Policy Abuse
  16. MS SQL Server Abuse
  17. Domain Dominance
  18. Domain & Forest Trusts
  19. Bypassing Defences
  20. Complete Mission

لینک دانلود دوره آموزشی Red Team Ops


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Date: 2022
Publisher: ZeroPointSecurity
Price: £399.00
Format: Video + PDF

Red Team Ops is an online course that teaches the basic principles, tools and techniques, that are synonymous with red teaming.

Students will first cover the core concepts of adversary simulation, command & control, and how to plan an engagement.  They will then learn about each stage of the attack lifecycle from initial compromise to full domain takeover, data hunting, and data exfiltration.  Students will also take various OPSEC concerns into account and learn how to bypass defences such as Windows Defender, AMSI and AppLocker.  Finally, they will cover reporting and post-engagement activities. Students have the option to purchase the course by itself or with lab access.  A free exam attempt is included with each option.

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