CCNA Security Study Guide: Exam 210-260

CCNA Security Study Guide: Exam 210-260 – گواهی دانش و مهارتهای لازم برای امنیت شبکه های سیسکو می باشد. با این مدرک متخصص شبکه تمام مهارت های لازمه برای ایجاد یک زیر ساخت امن، شناخت تهدیدات و نقاط ضعف شبکه، کاهش تهدیدات را به نمایش می گذارد. کتاب آموزشی دوره CCNA security تاکیدی بر فن آوری های هسته امنیتی، نصب و راه اندازی، عیب یابی و نظارت بر دستگاه های شبکه برای حفظ صداقت، محرمانه بودن و در دسترس بودن داده ها و دستگاه ها، و مهارت در فن آوری است که سیسکو در ساختار امنیتی آن استفاده می کند، است.

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Troy McMillan
ISBN: 978-1-119-40993-9
384 pages
January 2018
Price: $32.99
Publisher: Sybex

Lay the foundation for a successful career in network security

CCNA Security Study Guide offers comprehensive review for Exam 210-260. Packed with concise explanations of core security concepts, this book is designed to help you successfully prepare for the exam. Expert instruction guides you through critical concepts relating to secure network infrastructure, access management, VPN encryption, Firewalls, intrusion prevention and more, with complete coverage of the CCNA exam objectives. Practical examples allow you to apply your skills in real-world scenarios, helping you transition effectively from “learning” to “doing”. You also get access to the Sybex online learning environment, featuring the tools you need to maximize your study time: key terminology and flash cards allow you to study anytime, anywhere, while chapter tests and practice exams help you track your progress and gauge your readiness along the way.

The CCNA Security certification tests your knowledge of secure network installation, monitoring, and troubleshooting using Cisco security hardware and software solutions. When you’re ready to get serious about preparing for the exam, this book gives you the advantage of complete coverage, real-world application, and extensive learning aids to help you pass with confidence.

  • Master Cisco security essentials, standards, and core technologies
  • Work through practical examples drawn from real-world examples
  • Track your progress with online study aids and self-tests
  • Develop critical competencies in maintaining data integrity, confidentiality, and availability

Earning your CCNA Security certification validates your abilities in areas that define careers including network security, administrator, and network security support engineer. With data threats continuing to mount, the demand for this skill set will only continue to grow—and in an employer’s eyes, a CCNA certification makes you a true professional. CCNA Security Study Guide is the ideal preparation resource for candidates looking to not only pass the exam, but also succeed in the field.

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