Windows 10 For Dummies, 3rd Edition

Windows 10 For Dummies, 3rd Edition در ابتدا این کتاب اصول اولیه و آشنایی با ویندوز 10 مورد بررسی قرار داده می شود و در فصل های بعد به بررسی بیشتر برنامه های ویندوز 10، نحوه اتصال به اینترنت، تنظیمات حریم خصوصی، عیب یابی ویندوز 10 پرداخته می شود. همچنین مطالب این کتاب با آخرین تغییرات در ویندوز 10 به روز رسانی شده است.

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Andy Rathbone
ISBN: 978-1-119-47086-1
May 2018
456 pages
E-Book $16.99


The #1 source for Windows 10 help

Millions of Windows users have turned to Windows For Dummies for quick, friendly, and easy-to-understand help with their computers. Windows 10 For Dummies, 3rd Edition continues this tradition as it helps you navigate the twists and turns of Windows. Start at the beginning to discover the basics of the Windows interface or flip to later chapters to help you work with Windows apps, connect to the Internet, or customize your privacy settings.

Updated to cover the latest changes to Windows 10, this revised edition is ideal for first-time Windows users who need a guide to their operating system as well as experienced users who need a road map to the latest features. Inside, the book quickly and easily shows you how to do everything from establishing a user account, to corralling your photos, to setting up a printer, to using Windows on a tablet—and everything in between.

  • Manage the start-up menu and the Windows desktop
  • Get to know the programs that come with Windows 10
  • Discover troubleshooting tips and privacy tricks
  • Be productive at home or in the office

If you use Windows 10, you’ll want to keep this updated edition of the trusty companion nearby as you make your way around the new OS.

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