DNS Security For Dummies

با توجه به وظیفه‌ DNS، این سیستم یکی از المان‌های مهم و حیاتی زندگی دیجیتال شماست. DNS همه جا هست و همه از آن استفاده می‌کنند و کل ترافیک اینترنت شما در این سیستم جریان دارد. DNS کمک می‌کند تا ترافیک اینترنت شما به سمت مقصد درست هدایت شود (در صورتیکه کسی در این فرایند مداخله نکند). به همین دلیل مهاجمین سایبری تلاش دارند که DNS شما را تحت کنترل خودشان درآورند تا به روش‌های مختلف از سیستم شما سوء استفاده کرده، آن را آلوده کنند و هر نوع اطلاعاتی را از آن استخراج کنند…

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English | 2018 | ISBN: 9781119437314 | 53 Pages

The Domain Name System (DNS) is one of the longest-serving, mission-critical technologies of the modern Internet. It delivers the accessibility and connectivity we all take for granted, while acting as a cornerstone for all online activity.

This is precisely why DNS has become a significant attack vector used by bad actors. Did you know 91% of malware uses DNS to carry out campaigns?*. Coupled with the proliferation of devices and a disappearing perimeter, malware is as likely to originate from inside the firewall as outside it. And data can just hitch a ride out of your network via DNS.

In the Internet of Things, staying on top of DNS security is critical. This e-book is designed to help, and covers a variety of DNS fundamentals, including:

What is DNS & how it works
Threats related to DNS incl. DDoS, malware & data exfiltration
DNS Security Solutions
Ten keys to improving DNS security you can implement right away

Request your copy of DNS Security for Dummies Infoblox Special Edition today and get the fundamental information you need to protect your DNS.

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